Pakhtoons are carrying out their vendettas in Karachi too.

via into chaos: Death toll rises in fresh round of violence Some startling facts have been presented by Express Tribune in this resport. Pakhtoon people must read and think. a man identified as Ashiq was shot at and injured in Qasba Colony on Friday. He passed away later in the evening.The police claim that … Read more carries all their models

Recently, Hofner has celebrated their 125th anniversary. The company has been providing music fans and musicians great pieces of Hofner guitars and bass guitars. Its  vintage series is still popular among music lovers. The company has introduced many good contemporary guitar models in the market for new generation. Music lovers, musicians and singers will find … Read more

Come to Karachi and lead.

People are saying that MQM should leave Karachi and People of Karachi should form a new party. This indicates their helplessness. They want political influence and power without any efforts. I tweeted that they should come to Karachi and lead us. They are not willing to do this. They fear that Karachi is a dangerous … Read more

Migraine drug free

Migraine headace is common health problems. Millions of people across the glove suffer with this disabling headace. My brother-in-law suffers from this problem. He never paid attention to this problem. He always uses aspirin and a cup of tea to cure himself. I tried to my best to try other therapies to cure his problem. … Read more

Yash Chopra has impressed Katrina with her working style

Actress Katrina Kaif has impressed with the working style of veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra Mumbai. However, she accepts that it is very difficult to work with him because he is a perfectionist.  She had completed a film, which was directed by Mr. Yash Chpra. She advises fellel co-starts that they must understand his working syle … Read more

Varna System has morphed into a degradable caste system.

via Dalit priest enters temple in Mandya village, assaulted Waking up in a hospital ward with a throbbing pain in his groin and no sensation in his legs, 30-year-old Hemmanahalli Appaji Kemparaju did not remember anything until his relatives told him that he was beaten unconscious by ‘upper caste’ persons on March 15 during … Read more

Looking for goldline salt cells?

People still use chemicals to clean their pool water. They complain that they do not find replacement cells for pools cleaning systems easily that is why they use chemicals. I would like to tell them about an online retailer, which always stocks goldline salt cell replacements. The retailer’s name is It sells all types … Read more

Reports say that one out of five Britons are illeterate(22.28%)

The Sun has published a shocking report. According to reports one of five Britons cannot read or write. The paper estimates that there are 80 lac illiterate people in UK. These people cannot read the names of medicines and write their checks. The report has quoted figures from the World Literacy Foundation’s survey findings chief … Read more

Who is responsible for the violence and killings in Karachi?

More than 20 people have died in three days. Violence has divided the city into two different camps. The government is issuing the same-old  statements that unknown criminals are doing this, and they will eliminate them. They did not make any efforts to arrest the people responsible for violence. Mohajir and Pakhtoon leaders are blaming … Read more