People suffered because of Bharat Bandh'

Political parties say Bharat Bandh’ call has received a good responses from the people. This call was made to put pressure on the government to take back the price increase on oil.  However, political parties’ activists made the lives of people hell. They resorted to violence and damaged government properties. Business greatly suffered during the … Read more

Music Man makes good quality 4-string base guitars

There are many guitar makers in the world. Music Man is of them . This company makes 4 and 5 string bass guitars. It unveiled its first Music Man Stingray in 1976. Guitarists liked the product because it offered them a 6-bolt neck joint and rock-solid bridge. The company uses good-quality  hardwood to make its … Read more

Men's Cotton Full Seat Breeches

Some people will wonder. Why have I written a post on equestrian riding apparel? They must know that I have spent most of my life near the race course. I have seen riders arguing what kind of seat breaches should be worn during. Breaches are not made of cotton and Lycra. Some manufacturer also uses … Read more

Nawaz league trying to play Sindh Card to get votes

The Sindh president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said: The division of Sindh is a conspiracy and splitting it will lead to the disintegration of Pakistan.If we want to save Pakistan, we’ll have to save Sindh first. My party has always focused on the problems of the province and will always fight for its rights. … Read more

Porcelain and Ceramic Switch Plate Covers

Owners of small and big houses pay attention to decoration of their house alike. Nowadays, I observe  a new trend in people. They have started to install porcelain switch plates in bathrooms and kitchens. say that utility that utility Theyrooms switches need regular cleaning. These porcelain switches can be easily cleaned. These switches are available … Read more

Cigar deals

Cigar smokers always look for hard-find brands. Internet retailer and cigar deal websites have enabled them to get famous brands of cigar at reasonable prices. offers cigar deals.  All the cigars are shipped from the famous Smoke Shop. You can buy  famous brands like Evolution, Vector Hammer and Arturo Fuente Don Carlos.

Thinking of buying a Genuine calfskin head Tambourin

Tambourines are widely used by young girls in my country. You all know that  Pakistanis and Indians sing songs in our marriage parties. Girls use Tambourines and drums There are well-known companies that make this music instrument.  Companies use organic calfskin head. It allows to thump rolls and taps smoothly. They also also good warranty … Read more

Bride swindles 5 crores out of her husbands

A woman name named Rajwinder Kaur swindled Rs. crore out of five man. She lured these many men into marryiing her. She told them that she was a NRI from Canada and she would take them with her. She marriad five times. She took all the men to Thailand and deserted them there. She was … Read more

Thinking of buying an oboe?

The oboe is a music instrument.  It is a popular woodwind intrument because it produces a clear and penetrating voice. This intrument is normally prepared from grenadillia wood. However, many companies have introduced oboes made from plastic. Teachers say that a oboe is ideal for begging player. Here is piece that will understand how to … Read more

Amitabh Bachchan and Naseeruddin will act in the same film

News reports day that Amitabh Bachchan and Naseeruddin Shah will work in Vivek Agnihotri new film ‘Twelve’. The story of this filam is based on Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men (1957). However, it should be noted in that these two actors have not signed the film yet. Agnihotri is planning to sign Om Puri, Paresh … Read more