Punjab government fails to deal with the young doctors

The news report shocked me too. Punjab Gogernment has made a request to Pakistan Army for doctors. The army has accepted their offer and sending 150 doctors for assistance. This development gives a made image to Punjab government. The big question is; Why did Punjab government fail to deal with the crisis? Punjab government should … Read more

The story of Meena has saddened me.

Meena is a little girl who has been forced to fend for herself and her siblings. This poor girl lives in the Jhanwatola village in the northern Indian state of Bihar. I am shocked at the callousness of the community and the government which do no pay attention to plights of these poor people. They … Read more

MQM makes an attempt to bring warring groups together

MQM held a successful multi-ethnic gathering where dominant ethnic groups Hazaraz and Pakhtoons were present in large numbers. The presence of such a sizable of people indicates that they are weary of the current situation and want peace in the city. Violence has been going on this city for a long time. I think MQM … Read more

Unparliamentary behaviour in and around the Punjab Assembly

The news wrote in its editorial about the actions of Punjab assembly parliamentarians’s behavior. The paper wrote: To say that people have been witnessing unparliamentary behaviour in and around the Punjab Assembly for some days misses the mark by several miles. This is the behaviour of an undisciplined and ill-educated rabble that has lost all … Read more

Punjab Assembly Speaker supporting the Timber mafia,which cleared 75% of Changa Manga

Express Tribune has reported that Timber Mafia has cut 75% Changa Manga plantation. The paper reported: A ‘timber mafia’, with the connivance of some officials of the forest department, has been pilfering wood worth Rs10 billion from the Changa Manga plantation over the last decade — clearing 75% of the forest, illegally. What shocked me … Read more

Thinking of buying Latex matress?

Latex mattresses are in demand. People now prefer them because a mattress latex provides better support to a body. Studies show these hypoallergenic mattresses hurt our body. They regulate temperature and give a user a peaceful sleeping experience. Foambymail.com sells this kind of mattress at reasonable prices. It is available in many sizes. Poeple hesitate … Read more

Stylish stock cabinets

We are seeing a new trend on the  Internet. People are buying furniture. They say online furniture retailers offer them widest selection of furniture. It enables them peacefully match color and other things with their home decor. In the market, one has to go fron one shop to another find the desired furniture. thertastore.com is … Read more

Sachin should stop promoting Coke

A Delhi based social organization has made an appeal to Scahin Tendular to stop promoting Coca Cola. A member of the organization said that as he has become a law maker he should not promite things that is injurious to health., I think Sachins’ problem is increasing day by day. He is personal interests clash … Read more