MQM being targeted for standing against sectarian violence: Raza Haroon –

The workers and office-bearers of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) are being targeted in Karachi because of the party’s stand against rising sectarian violence, said party leader Raza Haroon during a coordination committee press conference on Friday. via It is a fact that MQM contained the sectarian violence in Karachi. Karachi’s residents have witnessed horrific … Read more


Tarek Fatah ‏@TarekFatah Whats wrong with Pakistani Shias? While it is Sunni jihadis who massacre them, they protest not their Pakistani killers, but Israel & USA.

A father and son team saved 120 lives in Louisiana

A father and son team saved 120 lives in Louisiana after ocean water burst over the Mississippi River, flooding their town. They used boats to save the people rescue teams couldn’t reach. Read their story:

Zardari waited all night with guns to fight …

Hamid Mir claims in his new Urdu ariticle that Mr. Zardari waited with pistols and guns for the army in December 2011. He added that he waited all night for the army with a gun. Mr. Zardari kept on saying during the whole night that he would not surrender. He repeated said that he would  … Read more

Israel watching India-Iran developments closely

India is in a fix. Arabs are also putting pressure on India to cut relations with Iran. More than 6 millions India work in the Gulf. It will create a big problem for India, which already facing economic crisis at home because of stalled economic reforms.

Economic policy: Imran’s party offers state-centric approach

The PTI does not rule out privatisation, but its leaders did not seem enthusiastic about the process either, prefer instead to model itself on the state-centric vision of capitalism now being championed by Chinese leaders as an alternative to Anglo-American liberal capitalism. via I am also against privatization. State Enterprises can be transformed into … Read more

Buy Hearing aids at affordable prices

Manno is my niece. She is an adorable child. Unfortunately, she is deaf. She can hear sound with the help of an aid device. We all love and try to make her happy, She is now a married to a handsome man. Her husband is deaf too. When we learnt that she is cannot hear … Read more

Riots verdict enhances people's faith in legal system: Khurshid – Indian Express

Welcoming the verdict in the 2002 Naroda Patiya riots case in Gujarat, Law Minister Salman Khurshid on Wednesday said the judgement enhances faith of the people in the legal system. via Mr. Khursheed, If Congress government had taken proper actions in response to riots in 60s, India would have been an established democracy. Unfortunately, … Read more