Good News for guitarists

Good news for guitarists a gibson guitar is on sale. People who play guitar know that this brands was very popular in 80s and 90s. If we take a look at  gibson les paul traditional pro review music123. The thing which made this guitar popular in the 80s is Pickups: Neck – ’57 Classic; Bridge. … Read more

Karachi is burning

More than 25 people have died in a week. When friends saw these images on their screen, they call me and ask about the well-being of my family. This city has gone to mad gods. Security forces have failed to catch because of corruption. They take money from them and allow them to commit crimes..

Looking for a commercial litigation attorney?

Looking for a fayetteville nc commercial litigation attorney? The world of business is very tricky and requires careful planning and proper agreement betweent the parties. Sometimes differences occur because some issue this takes parties to courts. Here one requires and experienced and sharp lawyer to deal with these cases. is one such law firm … Read more

Isphani Public School Celeberates 50 years.

When I saw the pictures my heart is filled and partly sadness. The tragedy of 1971 separated us. We used to live behind the schools. There were houses built for teachers. One of schools former student said they rememembed my late father.

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halogen lamp for sale

There are some people who like to use Halogen lights on their vehecles. I used to live in the mountains of Sakesar. We used to install Halogens on Jeeps for clear view. because we hade move through forest. Our PAF Police also used to install them on their jeeps and other locations. Internet is the … Read more

Dr Shaista Wahidi has taken divorce

Dr Shaista Wahidi TV Anchor has taken divorce and plans to marry one of the owners of the GEO Channels. This news has shocked fans and digital channel industry in Pakistan. The news which are emerging are too juicy. Public should not display anger. Dr. Shaista must know that she lives in Pakistan. This kind … Read more

wedding photography raleigh nc

My elder daughter  love to capture capture events. She captures birdthday parties and marriaige events. She loves to study the works of works people. Recently, she shared the link of wedding photography raleigh nc done by Azul. It is basically a team of photographers takes who takes their work serious and capture moments as they … Read more

Can we negotiate an ethnic bargain with other communities living in Sindh?

Can we negotiate an ethnic bargain with other communities living in Sindh? If it is not possible. I advise educated Mohajirs to leave this horrible country. A massive brain drain is already in progress in this country! Stifling and intolerable atmosphere due to gradual and determined expansion of ethnic and religious extremism to Frankenstein proportions … Read more

Madonna issued racists statement.

Madonna said that she will strip if Obama wins second term. She asked everyone in Washington, DC. Her sarcastic and racists remaks have angered people. She called Mr. Obama a Black Muslims. I don’t know who asked her make this statement, but it was cheap way to ridcule predident this way.