sells patient monitors

A patient monitor is linked with the devices, which monitor a person’s vital signs. Different types of monitors are used in different areas of the medical departments. We all see  monitors in intensive care sections of a hospitals. sells these kind of monitors. This company has cardiac science monitors and ADC monitors. ComfortCuff is … Read more

The US lifts ban against Mr. Modi

  The US has softened its stance towards Mr. Modi after UK’s decision. The US US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake said he could apply for visa. The US has refused to give visa to Mr. Modi after Godra riots. Mr Black said: ..And in terms of Mr Modi, … Read more

Shocking news for parents in Karachi: KU introducing “self-financed” admissions

Karachi University has decided to introduce self-financed admissions. It has decided to offer 5000 seats in the morning to students. This scheme will deprive many bright students from admissions because not all them can afford the heft amount needed for admissions in different departments. Inflation has sapped the resources of residents of Karachi. Parents cannot … Read more

Militant wings of ruling parties are responsible violence in Karachi: FPCCI leadership

Growing lawlessness: Fed up with promises, businessmen demand action against crime – The Express Tribune “The government has failed to control the security problems because militant wings of ruling parties are involved in it and they will never take action against their own workers,” asserted the FPCCI leadership. This is a serious allegation against the … Read more

classic kiss guitar

KISS was a popular band in 1970s. Band’s songs and unsual outfits attracted a lot of fans across the globe. It has been observed that products used by singers and stars often become popular among their fans. Fans start demanding those products when they see in the hands of their popular singers and stars. When … Read more

MQM demands tough action people who are patronizing criminals

Mr. Hussain, MQM’s Chief’ has made an appeal to the business community of Karachi to identify people responsibly for who are threatening them for money. He also appealed to the country’s powerful established to officials who are supporting these criminals. The problem is that when people belong to government in power supports people hesitate to … Read more

A Pakistani liberal is a multifaceted animal

The Pakistani liberal – The Express Tribune A Pakistani liberal is a multifaceted animal. He, and I believe, also she, likes their T-shirt and jeans one size too small; likes to go around in big cars; eats at expensive restaurants; drinks alcohol like a fish; spends their holidays abroad; are variously in the pay of … Read more

Can Mr. Khurshid help improve relations between India and Pakistan?

Mr. Khushid’s appointment has a foreign minister has started a heated debate. Some commentators are saying that he would be able to advance the peace initiatives taken by Mr. Manmohan Singh. It is wrong to assume that Mr. Khurshid’s Islamic faith “doesn’t make any difference. The strategic fault lines dividing the two countries are too … Read more

Demand of Khap panchayats of Haryana shocked educated Indians

khap panchayats of Haryana’s demand has shocked educated Indians. This notorious group has demand a legal ban on same-gotra and same-village marriages. Members of these groups think it will soul the rising crimes against women in the state. The group said they will  submit their demand to the the president. This a ludicrous demand. People … Read more