What is an annuity?

Professionals like me who save some money always invest in annuities to save money for future. We cannot understand all the intricacies of  investment. However, we should try to learn some basic before buying annuities. Please visit this website at http://www.annuityadvantage.com/index.html . Here you will find comprehensive information on different types of annuity offerings.

Hammond SK1 Organ

Music and songs have attracted me since I was kid. I was filled with joy when I received my first electronic organ. It become my soul companion in the mountains of Soon Sakesar valley. My family used to live in an airforce based situated in the mountains. I have turned fifty, but my passion for … Read more

Nokia launches a $20 phone

A simple voice-and-text phone unveiled by Nokia at the Mobile World Congress has attracted people’s attention. This cellphone will prove to be a hit like Nokia’s earlier model Nokia 1280. Nokia’s vice president for industrial design said that this cellphone has been designed for developing countries. He is right. This will be well received in … Read more

Are you looking for a good digital recorder?

Popularity of live talk shows on TV television and radio has compelled companies to use better quality digital recorders. Few years ago more than 40 channels were established in Pakistan. Most of these channels are new channels. As you know that news reporters have to record shows and report news from noisy areas, they need … Read more

Seatbelt Safety Cutters

One should always carry a seat belt cutter. It has been observed that sometimes mechanism of seatbelts do not work because of shocks. My father has taught me to keep and carry small tools. They are very useful in emergencies. SOS Cutter, Salvex – 548 and Ruck-Zuck are the best emergency seat belt cutters. I … Read more

l'artisan fragrances

We all love perfumes and fragrances. People like fragrances for many reasons. However, I think it makes us happy and offers us a way to show individuality through fragrances. In Pakistani, it was free difficult to find genuine perfumes and fragrances. Now we can buy branded products online. l’artisan fragranceĀ is a popular fragrance brand. It … Read more

outdoor water fountains

soothingwalls.com sells fountains. This online retailer sells a wide range of indoor and outdoor fountain. It also sells wall and floor fountains. I used to see fall and floor fountains in offices and hotels. Now these decrorative pieces are being used in homes too. Outdoor water fountains come in a variety of designs. I like … Read more

Nokia launches two cheapest cellphones

Nokia has launched Nokia 105 for emerging markets like Pakistan. India and Bangladesh. All of us used Nokia’s popular cellphone Nokia 1280 in Pakistan. Nokia has sold more than 100 millions units across the globe. I think it is a good phone for Pakistan and India where poor and middle class people are users. This … Read more

pandora charms

People carry different kinds of charms along with them wherever they go. It is interesting to know that these charms are kept by people who call themselves liberal and modern. Pandora charms are very popular among people. This company offers a wide range of stylish charms. Do you want to know  where to find pandora … Read more

scott kay cobalt wedding rings

Men and women try to buy the best wedding rings within their budgets. In old days, gold rings were popular. Now people have started to buy wedding rings made of other materials too. Desginers have introduced scott kay cobalt rings. The scott kay cobalt wedding rings have become very popular among people because of its … Read more