Realme GT Master Edition

News reports say that Realme plans to launch two new smartphones in India and Pakistan. the Realme GT, and the GT Master Edition smartphones will available for sale on Auguts 18. 

Realme GT Explorer Master Edition will be launched in a new colour variant – Suitcase Orange. 

These two smartphones have been launched in China last month. The phone originally launched in China in two colors — Suitcase Apricot and Suitcase Grey.

The smartphones will be launched two variant –  6GB RAM + 128GB storage model and 8GB + 256GB variant. It is reported that these smartphones will be available in India and Pakistan in Black, Grey, and White color options.

Could delta coronavirus make children more sick?

The Delta coronavirus can be as contagious in children as it is in adults. This was stated by Children’s Hospitals and medical experts from the United States.

According to data from the Children’s Hospital Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the spread of delta in the United States has also witnessed an increase  of covid in children.

According to the data collected between July 22 and 29, more than 71,000 covid cases were reported in children under the age of 18. One children was infected in every five reported cases. 

Doctors and nurses at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital said: “Over the past few weeks we’ve been very busy caring for sick children.

However, reports of the severity of the disease in children have been mixed.

According to U.S. state wise data, the hospitalization rate for children infected with the covid is  t same as reported during the previous outbreak. It was between  0.1 to 1.9 percent (the rate was dependent on cases in the states).

Angela Green, vice president of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, said that although there has been an increase in the total number of cases, the rate of hospital admissions from covid is the same as before.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this time around, it seems that the severity of the disease is less common in children than adult.

According to Dr. Nick Hashimt, medical director of Lee Bone Heuer Children’s Hospital in Memphis, in the past, children were usually diagnosed with covid during the treatment of another medical problem.

He said that routine tests during the treatment of any disease revealed uncomplicated disease without covid.

“But the situation has changed since the Delta, and in recent weeks we have seen covid in children and admitted them to the hospital, with respiratory symptoms and difficulty breathing,” he said.

He thinks there is something in the Delta that is different from the previous types.

But other medical experts can’t say for sure, and they say the increase in the number of cases from the delta could lead to an increase in the severity of the disease.

Dr. Christine Oliver, an expert at the Ashkenazi School of Medicine, says there is no data yet to show that the Delta type is more dangerous for children.

Earlier , in July 2021, the World Health Organization alsothis typecorona virus in issued a statement regarding the spread ofofchildren.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Delta type of coronavirus does not specifically target children.

Maria Van Kirkov, head of the World Health Organization’s technical team, told a news briefing on July 30 that the evidence so far shows that the first type of delta to appear in India spreads faster among people who are social and active.

“Let me be clear, we haven’t seen the Delta type specifically targeting children,” he said.

“There are indications that Corona types do not specifically target children, we have seen that these types target people who are very socially active,” said Maria Van Kirkov.

Mobile photography tips

Nowadays people prefer to take photos from Smartphones rather than DSLR Cameras, because it is easy to click pictures from them and as most of these mobiles come with strong cameras. However, sometimes users do not take care of  things while clicking the photo from the phone, due to which the picture gets spoiled. In such a situation, a question arises that what should be kept in mind while taking a photo. Here are some tips which will be very useful for you while clicking photos.

Reduce the use of zoom

Most people use zoom to take photos. But they should not  use zoom, because if your zoom too much it can burst pixels which spoils the photo. In order to avoid this you try to click the photo without zooming. Go as close to the object as you can. Also, keep your hand glued to the elbow, so that your hand does not tremble at all. By doing this you will be able to click great photos.

With the help of grid lines, you will be able to easily focus on the object and click great pictures. To activate these lines, you have to go to the settings of the phone, here you will get the option of grid lines, click on it.

You can use portrait mode,

If you want a great blurred background, then it is better to use portrait mode. It is usually possible to click photos with a great blurred background with a DSLR. But this is also possible with a mobile phone. If your phone has Portrait mode, so you can click a photo with a great blurred background. Portrait mode is available as a built-in camera mode in most cameras. Portrait mode is present at the bottom of the screen. The user should click the photo from 6 to 8 feet away to do portrait mode photography. This will give good depth in the photo.

It is important to take care of the light, while taking photos with a smartphone, it is very important to take care of the light. Photos are not good in low light. To take good photos, turn your back in the direction from which the light is coming. At the same time, it should also be noted that the right light should also fall on the object.

Reduce the use of Flash Light .Flash light is provided in all smartphones nowadays. But it is not necessary to use it every time a photo is clicked. Great photos can be clicked even in good light. Always keep in mind that use flashlight only when it is needed. Using flash light in sufficient light spoils the photo.

Google Smart Cameras and Doorbells

Home security systems are now very much in demand in Karachi nowadays because of rising burglaries. Studies have shown that the presence of security cameras deter burglars and help identify criminals and nab them by police. 

Google has unveiled a new generation of its Nest products 0 cameras and door bells. These cameras and doorbells  give us peace of mind and comfort. We feel safe and undisturbed. Google has named the product Nest Hello.  Google has designed this battery-operated camera in such a way that one can instal them easily.  It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer has also provided cable to power the camera. 

The cameras use on-device processing to enhance security and hi-tech artificial intelligence to reduce unnecessary alerts. These have improved sensors and can detect things like animals and vehicles and create 1080p HD video. 

These  cameras get local storage so that all the footage is saved on the device when the internet is down.

The battery backup will be for about three months.

Google’s new Nest Hello Indoor is priced at $ 99.99 . 4 color options are available in Nest Cam Indoor White, Pink, Green and Beige. It can be mounted both on the table and on the wall.

The battery backup will be for about three months, they will also have some pre-reserved services including packages and alerts when someone arrives. The new Nest Hello will be the first time battery power has been added to it, with a battery backup of around three months. It can be installed in all types of homes.

Local storage will be available in the cameras New cameras get local storage so that all the footage is safe on the device when the internet is down. Google Nest product manager Felix Senepin says that these devices are the company’s smartest so far in terms of doorbells and cameras. We are working to identify individuals and provide more alerts and event recordings for our users.

Will differentiate between dogs and cats High tech hardware cameras run on machine learning models. Whose speed becomes 7.5 times per second. Due to which it becomes more reliable and accurate. The software can detect 9 types of object classes as well as differentiate between dogs and cats.

The company says that this will be for those users who leave home and go for long events with the whole family, with the help of this they will continue to get home security updates.