The Samsung Galaxy A83, which will appear in spring, will become the top model of the A series. It may also be the first one to visually refresh Korean mediums.

The likely appearance of the Samsung Galaxy A83 is presented by the Dutch website LetsGoDigital . If their information is correct, the top medium of Samsung will receive a look different from the other current models of the Galaxy A series. It will be elegant enough to boldly stand next to the flagship models of the Galaxy S series. The Galaxy A83 is to receive a flat display with 2.5D glass. The screen will be a Dynamic AMOLED matrix with a diagonal of 6.6 inches, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and maybe even QHD resolution. The core of the housing will be a metal frame, while the back will be covered with a smooth, flat surface.

It is possible that the back will be made of glass – but the use of Glasstic material, quite successfully imitating glass, is just as likely. On the flat, back wall, three round camera lens holders will be placed. They will stick out – but there will be no additional frame around them, which gives hope that the smartphone will remain slim after all. The Dutch predict that the Galaxy A83 will receive a 50-megapixel ISOCell GN5 camera, and the smartphone housing will be IP67 waterproof and offered in several colors. For now, however, it is too far from the premiere to try to guess the rest of the specs.

Which Xiaomi smartphones will get MIUI 13 first?

Soon, according to information, Xiaomi is to release the latest version of its overlay, i.e. MIUI 13. The exact date is not yet known, but the network is getting more and more leaks, mainly regarding smartphone models that will get the update.

MIUI 12 debuted over a year ago, seven months after the premiere of MIUI 11. We expected Xiaomi to maintain a similar pace and release the next version of the overlay in the following months. It turned out not to be. The stable version of Android 12 has been with us for some time, other smartphone manufacturers have already boasted about their overlays, meanwhile Xiaomi is still delaying. Probably the premiere of Xiaomi 12, or at least this is indicated by rumors.

MIUI 13 – for which smartphones?
The latest ones, however, do not concern the presentation date, but smartphones that are to receive the update first. The new leak reveals that MIUI 13 will get the flagship smartphones Xiaomi 11 Ultra and Xiaomi 11. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, just like the update for Redmi K40 Pro and Redmi K40 Pro +. These are the latest flagships in the manufacturer’s offer, although new generations of these series will appear soon.

More surprising is the fact that the leak also points to the mid-range Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition, which is also expected to get MIUI 13 in the first round. Earlier reports did not mention this model. Of course, now you can not be 100% sure, after all, this is not official information. We also expect that the list will also include other smartphones, such as the Xiaomi Mix 4, but we have to wait a little longer to confirm our guesses, because Xiaomi still has not specified the release date.

Telegram gets anti-spoiler function

The Telegram messenger is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives on the market. Now Telegram is to get a function that we will probably never see in WhatsApp in this form. This is to avoid spoilers.

Telegram gets anti-spoiler function

Anyone looking for a WhatsApp alternative will quickly come across Telegram. Besides Signal, this is one of the biggest messengers around. To ensure that interest continues to rise, users are constantly being provided with new functions. An anti-spoiler feature will soon be integrated:

It is about the possibility of hiding a text that could lead to unwanted spoilers in a chat. So you can take part in a discussion on a topic in a group, but hide your message if it contains spoilers . Especially with new series or films, spoilers are absolutely frowned upon. But you still want to talk to your friends in the group about certain things. Accordingly, Telegram will soon create a function that will make this possible.

It is important that you get the message in Telegram that contains a spoiler, marked as such when creating it. Only then will it be shown hidden in the chat. If you want to read the text after all, you can simply tap the message and see it. Of course, if you don’t want to be spoiled, you don’t. The function is currently under development and could soon be activated for all platforms.

Anti-spoiler function also for WhatsApp

A similar function for WhatsApp has not even appeared in rumors. With Telegram, the groups are also much larger and the messenger is in some cases comparable to a social network. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is more intended for small groups. Still, such an option would at least be nice. You don’t want to reveal any spoilers here either and still talk about certain topics.