51 percent of Pakistanis are unaware of the use of their personal data by mobile apps

A Gallup Pakistan survey has revealed that 51 percent of Pakistanis are unaware of the use of their personal data by mobile apps.

According to a Gallup Pakistan and World Wide Independent Network of Market Research survey, more than 33,000 people from 39 countries took part in the survey. Done between December 18, 2021.

The survey found that 51 percent of Pakistanis said they were unaware of how their personal data or information was used after sharing it with various mobile applications, although 35 percent said they knew about it and 14 percent said it was moderate.

According to the survey, 09 percent of Pakistanis are worried about the misuse of data, compared to 60 percent in 39 countries of the world.
9 percent of Pakistanis reported misuse of data.
According to a Gallup Pakistan survey, the share of Pakistanis unaware of the use of personal data is double the global average of 24 percent , but complaints of misuse of personal data in Pakistan are lower than the global average.

Of the complaints of misuse of data in Pakistan, 03 percent said they received fake emails asking for bank details and other personal information, 02 percent said they received spam emails from companies and 02 percent said they did. Email account hacking, only 2 percent reported bank account or credit card hacking, while 01 percent reported leaking personal information on the Internet.

Complaints from Pakistanis include fake emails, spam emails from companies, bank account, credit card and email hacking, but most of the data misuse. Citizens of neighbouring India, the United Kingdom, and the United States did.

Despite the problems associated with technology, 66 percent of Pakistanis, like the rest of the world, recognise its importance and consider technology an important part of their lives.
Despite the problems related to technology, Pakistanis like other countries of the world seem to recognise the importance of technology and 66 percent of Pakistanis said that technology is important in their life while 20 percent said that it is somewhat important.

I advise Pakistanis to use internet security apps and a good password manager like Dashlane instead of saving their passwords in Chrome’s password manager.