Even in grief, Mandira Bedi broke shackles of patriarchy

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Even in grief, Mandira Bedi broke shackles of patriarchy

The image that best defines what Mandira Bedi stands for today came at what must have been the saddest moment of her life. Yes, that image — of a grief-stricken Mandira performing the last rites of her beloved husband, Raj Kaushal, who died suddenly of a cardiac arrest, aged 49. They’d been happily married for 22 years and were doting parents to Vir (10) and Tara (4). That one viral image sent out a charged and powerful anti-patriarchy message by challenging archaic norms governing our society for centuries. What? A woman lighting her patidev’s funeral pyre? Carrying her husband’s bier, along with his friends? That too, dressed in a white tee and jeans. Hey Bhagwan! What are women in India coming to! We are doomed!

I think she did a brave thing. Women in the sub-continent has been facing oppression for centuries. Now the society must break oppressive rules and customs imposed on women. 

Shobhaa De has expressed her views on the brutal things happening to women in India. Recently we learned about the tragic stories of three young women who were killed for  dowry. She also pointed out the brutal murders happening in the name of ‘honor killings’. 

The society and the government should make efforts to end crime against women and nab the criminals responsible for brutal murders and oppression.