70 percent of dry shampoos contain cancer-causing compounds.

 In several samples of dry shampoo, a type of carcinogen was found in alarmingly high levels, according to a recent report.


Dry shampoos are harmful.
Photo by cottonbro studio: Pexels.com

A New Haven, Connecticut-based independent laboratory called Wellisher, which tests and assesses the quality of various products, examined 148 distinct batches of 34 various dry shampoo brands.


Dry shampoos are types of shampoo that work quickly to reduce scalp oiliness. Seventy percent of the dry shampoo samples had high concentrations of benzene, a substance known to be carcinogenic, according to the analysis.


A substance that has the potential to cause cancer is referred to as a carcinogen. The results of the analysis clearly differentiated between batches of samples in terms of the amount of benzene present. It exceeded the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limit of 2 parts per million by 170 times in some samples. This amount exceeded the cap by 10 times in 11 samples.


Velescher is asking the FDA to clarify the benzene limits in products containing benzene, such as cosmetics, and to recall all tainted batches of shampoo due to the presence of significant amounts of benzene.


A solvent, benzene is a colorless chemical. The National Cancer Institute claims that benzene can be found in paint removers, cigarette smoke, adhesives (like glue), and cleaning products. Numerous petroleum products contain benzene.