A common habit that leads to weight gain as well as diabetes

 One of the main causes of today’s widespread habits is the epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes that plague the world today. A medical study conducted in America revealed this assertion.

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A Northwestern University study revealed that eating late at night can lead to weight gain and diabetes.

This study provided the first evidence of a connection between the body clock and the molecular mechanism underlying energy expenditure in the body.

 In this study, two groups of rats underwent experiments; one group consumed a high-fat diet during the day and the other group did so at night.

These two groups of mice were, to put it simply, nocturnal animals—animals that are physically more active at night. Within a week, rats fed during the day showed an increase in body weight.

 Researchers found that eating while exercising promotes health by releasing energy at particular times.

 They asserted that the body releases cells that enhance health by preventing weight gain during these times..

 Research suggests a connection between eating habits, sleep quality, and obesity. Eating late at night interferes with the body clock’s operations and alters the structure and function of fat cells.

 The results of this research were published in the journal Science.

 An earlier study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the US found that eating late at night raises the risk of obesity. This study was published in October 2022.

 In fact, this habit also has negative effects on the body’s ability to lose weight.

 The study involved 16 obese subjects and each was given meal times and told to eat the same type of food.

 The effects of meals on these people’s bodies and how fat was stored were also investigated.

 The findings demonstrated that eating in the evening has a detrimental impact on the hormones that control hunger and food cravings, making people want to eat more.

 Research has shown that people who eat food late burn calories more slowly and accumulate more body fat. That is, even if they eat less food, the fat will increase and obesity will disappear.