A five year old girl swallowed a flat dead battery

A young girl, age 5, swallowed a dead battery. She complained of chest pains and was sent to the emergency room. It came out that the esophagus and nearby aorta were “eaten” by the battery. Massive bleeding occurred. The girl’s nose and throat both lost blood. A thrilling race that went on all night started.

dead battery

For one little patient, we used up the entire stock of 0RhD- group red blood cell concentrate. Routine serological tests to measure the patient’s blood cannot be done in life-threatening situations. This blood group underwent transfusion. To refill supplies, we deployed ambulances from Krakow to Warsaw and Bydgoszcz. As morning drew near, I was aware that there would soon be further hospital orders for patients facing comparable hardships. If I squander everything, there won’t be any blood for them. These are not simple times.

The procedure lasted until the morning, 38 blood units were used. Unfortunately, the girl could not be saved.

Parents should take care of hazardous items in their homes and should throw away such items when they are dead or no longer required.

I admire and praise the people who came for blood donations on such a short notice for the kid.