A mob of non-dalits burns 148 houses belonging to dalits

Inter-caste marriage sparks riot in Tamil Nadu district, 148 dalit houses torched – The Times of India

Outraged by the suicide of a man who felt humiliated after his daughter married a dalit boy in secret, a mob of non-dalits went on the rampage in three villages of Dharmapuri district, looting and burning houses of dalits late on Wednesday, police said.

The 2,500-strong mob set ablaze 148 houses in Natham, Anna Nagar and Kondampatti villages.

Caste System still prevalent in India. This kind of incident tells Indian leaders to pay attention to their society. I have seen educated Indian hurling abuses at Muslims and trying to find faults in the religion.

Police have failed to provide protection to poor dalits. The compensation announced my government is not enough to build houses. The state government must increase the compensation amount.