Quartz watch movement from Hoptroff watches

Hoptroff has unveiled a new watch movement. The company has named it ‘The Dickens’. It is a 7-motor quartz watch movement.

Hoptroff watches

The company has used its communications (NFC) technology in the watch. This technology allows to personalize and customize the watch. People can put their personal data like e birthdays of spouses and children and other information.

This watch has been designed after the famous watch created by George Daniel, who is regarded as the living watchmaker.

It has two main dials like Daniel’s watch.  There is a a sub dial and a retrograde indicator at 12-o’ Clock.

HOPTROFF is a reputable maker of atch movements and timekeeping electronics. The company has name the after famous novelist Charles Dickens who lived in The Borough.

They create unique UTC time synchronisation solutions by fusing artificial intelligence with robust and secure network technologies.
Their network-delivered software offers compliance and security for electronic commerce, blockchain technology, media & broadcast, gaming, and international financial markets.

A variety of software-based technologies have been created by their team to give accurate, quantitatively measured, digitally encoded time. Applications that we have include data collection, compliance, and security.