A reveals presence of cancer-causing compound in 70% of dry shampoos

A new report has revealed the alarming presence of a type of carcinogen in several samples of dry shampoo.

Wellshere is an independent testing and standardizing lab in New Haven, Connecticut. They looked at 148 different batches of 34 different brands of dry shampoo.

 Dry shampoos are shampoos that reduce the lubrication of oil from the head in a very short time.

The analysis revealed the presence of large amounts of benzene, a substance known as carcinogen, in 70 percent of dry shampoo samples.

 Carcinogen is a substance that has the ability to cause cancer.

 In the analysis, there was a clear difference in the amount of benzene from one batch to another batch samples. In some samples, the amount was 170 times higher than the amount prescribed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), i.e. 2 parts per million. In 11 samples, this amount was 10 times higher than the limit.

Due to the presence of large amounts of benzene, Wilshere is requesting the FDA to recall all contaminated batches of shampoo and clarify the extent of benzene in benzene-containing items such as cosmetics.

Benzene is a colorless chemical used as a solvent.

According to the National Cancer Institute, benzene is found in adhesives (such as glue), cigarette smoke, chemicals used in cleaning and paint cleaning materials.

Benzene is found in several petroleum products.