A study shows that music reduces pain after surgery

It’s true that listening to your favorite music can help improve your mood, but a new study shows that music reduces pain and speed up the healing process after surgery.

A group of researchers from Brunel University, Queen Mary University of London, and Barts Health NHS Trust worked together on the study.

There were 72 studies and research projects done on the effects of music on pain, but neither the patients nor the doctors knew who was in pain.
Researchers found that patients who listened to music had less pain after surgery, used fewer painkillers, and were much less anxious.

All of the study participants who listened to music used less painkillers and felt better than those who didn’t.

The research found that music makes people feel better, and when people feel better, their brains release hormones and chemicals that make the immune system work better.
The research showed that when patients chose and listened to their favourite music, their pain went down and they needed less painkillers.

The most important thing is to find a song that the patient really likes, because if you don’t, the effect may be the opposite of what you want.

Doctors think it’s an important part of a patient’s recovery after surgery, but only music that the patient likes will help him.