Acid Cigars are made with the finest tobacco

Acid cigars are made in Nicaragua. The maker of this popular brand of cigars used the finest tobacco for its products.  Cigars are available in four different flavors. Acid Blue, Red, God and Purple different flavors to smokers.

Acid Cigars Munaeems Blog February 6 2023

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When Long Islander Jonathan Drew hired a few cigar rollers to work out of a warehouse office in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood in 1998, Acid’s Rebirth of Cigars was born. Along with his co-founder Marvin Samel, Jonathan took design cues from a nearby artist by the name of Scott “Acid” Chester, whose works incorporated motorbike, urban, and graffiti art themes. It turned out to be the perfect strategy for promoting the Acid brand, and a younger generation of cigar fans connected with its “Sub-Culture” atmosphere.

At the present time, the Esteli facility of Drew Estate in Nicaragua hand-rolls Acid cigars. They obtain some of the finest tobaccos available on the market and use custom blends of more than 140 spices, herbs, and botanicals to infuse rather than flavour them. This time-consuming technique is what has made Acid a cult phenomenon of epic proportions and transformed their cigars into a singular experience. It’s likely that Acid is the solution if you’re searching for something extra in your smokes but aren’t sure what it is.

There are now seven different ways to enjoy their cigars as their inventory expands. Because each acid cigar is different from the others, so many smokers adore them. Find your favourite infusion and save money on Acid cigars at the Famous Smoke Shop.