Social media posts on Aphelion phenomenon have caused concern

If you are more active on social media and you are also  in many WhatsApp groups at the same time, then you must have received a message from last week or you must have heard some rumors about this message about Aphelion phenomenon.

Aphelion phenomenon
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Post — screenshot based on incorrect information

Since the beginning of July, Facebook posts and tweets as well as other social media posts as well as WhatsApp messages have been spreading the word that the weather will be cold all over the world from July 4 to August 22 and people may get sick during this time. And their throats will be sore.

According to the wrong post that went viral on social media, the weather will be colder than last year till August 22, 2022, which is called the ‘Aphelion phenomenon’.

According to posts based on false information, people will not only see but also experience the effects of the Aphelion Phenomenon after July 4.

The post on aphelion phenomenon claims that during this time people will experience cold weather like never before, which causes pain and sore throat in the human body while fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing.

The misinformed post advised people to try to strengthen their immune system along with vitamins and other healthy food products.

The post falsely claims that the distance between the sun and the earth is usually 90,000,000 km, but during this Aphelion phenomenon, the distance between the two will increase to 152,000,000 km, an increase of 66%.

Many people were troubled after receiving posts or messages based on false information and believing this, they spread the message to their loved ones and relatives without thinking.

The fact is that Aphelion phenomenon is a term used when talking about the distance between the sun and the earth.

According to the scientific website ‘’, the term ‘Aphelion phenomenon’ is used when the sun is slightly away from the earth.

July 4 this year was 152.1 million kilometers from Earth and this day came only once a year and this series lasted for a few moments, which did not make any difference to man and this world.

Similarly, another term ‘ perihelion ‘ is used when the sun is closest to the earth and this will happen between January 3 and 4 next year.

The sun is 149.5 million kilometers from the earth at the time of the ‘pre-helian’ perihelion, and at this time the sun is a little closer to the earth than in July . The distance between them is barely one and a half percent, not 66 percent at all.

According to experts, there is no difference between the two cases on human life, including the system of the universe, nor do human beings realize it, but it is a scientific process that lasts for a few moments, after which all matters return to normal. Come on.