Aroma offers good quality digital rice cooker

Aroma has unveiled a new digital rice cooker. The rice cooker will be available this month in Walmart stores. The maker of the cooker has provided advanced digital controls that will enable consumers to get restaurant-quality rice in their homes.

digital rice cooker makes good quality rice cookers.

They have provided function to white rice and brown rice perfectly. Consumer can get Restaurant-quality by adding rice and water . It will rice to perfection once its button is pressed.

The digital rice cooker has programmable steam function. User can set the time for foods to steam using these functions. The cooker is priced at $39.88.

It has a history of 40 years as a brand in the United States, making it not only one of the most well-known brands of small kitchen appliances in the country, but also one of the oldest.

Ability to develop and manufacture high-quality kitchen appliances, such as rice cookers, electric kettles, electronic pressure cookers, temperature-controlled food dryers, and other similar products, with the goal of improving the quality of life at home for each individual user.

DoveWare clay pot series

It is the brainchild of AROMA, which took more than three years and was developed by many teams. Expect non-toxic, healthy and safe heat-resistant ceramic pots and pans

Accompany consumers every warm time at the table.

Exclusive dove embossed design, a symbol of peace, love, and purity. At the same time, it has eagle-like wings and is full of vitality.

Incorporating these meanings into the design symbolizes the essence of blessing and abundance that brings love and life into everyone’s kitchen.
The brand’s slogan is engraved on the bottom of each product: “You are the potter, we are the clay.” You Are The Potter ยท We Are The Clay, to show AROMA’s

The essence and spirit of “respecting heaven and loving people”, warm people’s hearts with hearty meals.