Artificial sweeteners may cause memory problems in old age, study

Health professionals urge us to consume less sugar, though some people still use artificial sweeteners to maintain flavor. However, research is now beginning to suggest that these artificial sweeteners are actually worse for our bodies than regular sugar in a number of different ways.

Artificial sweeteners causes memory loss

According to a recent study, using artificial sweeteners during adolescence can result in severe long-term memory issues later in life. Artificial sweeteners slow down metabolism, which may increase the risk of diabetes, according to a study by American researchers.

Artificial sweeteners impair the tongue’s capacity to taste sugar, claims research in the journal JCI Insight. As a result, people eat or drink high-sugar foods in order to taste sweetness.

The University of Southern California’s Professor Scott Kinoski, a study co-author, said that the results did not suggest that people should not consume low-calorie artificial sweeteners, but rather that using them regularly during this period of early life can have unexpected long-term effects.

In the study, the team of researchers fed mice water mixed with various low-calorie sugar substitutes. While another group of rats was given plain water with food.

A month later, when the mice were older, the study authors tested their memory in two different experiments.

The experiment found that mice that drank sugary drinks while growing up had more difficulty passing memory tests than mice that drank plain water.

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