Lata said she demaned an apology from Mr. Rafi

Lata Mangeshkar interview has created a controversy in the India Film Industry. She said while giving an interview to a tabloid in response to a question that she had demanded and appology from Mohammad Rafi. She said Mr. Rafi has walked out of the meeding. She demanded an appology when Rafi Sahab requested a patch-up.
Rafi’s family has responded angreely and said she was not telling the truth or might have forgotton. They accepted that fight was over royalty issue.

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A tragedy that could have been averted

via IHT:

I found recently declassified documents that chronicle key conversations between American and Israeli officials before and during the 1982 massacre. The verbatim transcripts reveal that the Israelis misled American diplomats about events inBeirut and bullied them into accepting the spurious claim that thousands of “terrorists” were in the camps.


Thirty years ago this happened! I remember reading it in the Newsweek and seeing the gruesome pictures of bloodied bodies of women and children piled on top of the other! I distinctly remember the shock which I still feel today! That cruel man, Aeriel Sharon whose very name became synonym to the atrocity remained etched to my mind forever!

Later when that man became the Prime Minister of Israel, I could not understand how this can happen, how a man who should have been tried for crimes against humanity are one day given the sacred responsibility of leading a nation! That was the biggest slap on the face of humanity!

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Can we negotiate an ethnic bargain with other communities living in Sindh?

Can we negotiate an ethnic bargain with other communities living in Sindh? If it is not possible. I advise educated Mohajirs to leave this horrible country.

A massive brain drain is already in progress in this country! Stifling and intolerable atmosphere due to gradual and determined expansion of ethnic and religious extremism to Frankenstein proportions coupled with corrupt and dysfunctional state machinery is compelling many a bright young people to leave this country! -YQ

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American musician Jono Manson had leave his project because of anti-us riots

No room for music in times of protest: Jono Manson – The Express Tribune

American musician Jono Manson, known for hisfamous track “Almost Home” that featured in Kevin Costner’s Postman, was working on a music project in collaboration with Sufi rock band The Sketches in Jamshoro, when anti-US protests against the controversial video Innocence of Muslims rapidly gained momentum.
To avoid any serious repercussions, Manson decided that the sensible option was to leave the project incomplete and flee the country.

I love express because it gives us all the important political news. He did the right thing. I hope things become normal and we behave like a normal human beings enjoys life.


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