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Topless Kate photos in French mag upset UK royals


French magazine Closer published a series of photos of Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, sunbathing topless on Friday, dealing a fresh blow to the royal family as it tries to move on from a scandal over naked shots of Prince Harry.   
The publication reopens a debate over the privacy of Britain’s royal family and the freedom of the press just weeks after a US website published grainy photos of William’s younger brother Harry cavorting naked in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Topless Kate photos in French mag upset UK royals – The Express Tribune
Those who were lecturing us on the issue of freedom of express have started a debated on the subject.  When we live in a society,we have to consider about the feelings of others too.  Our democrats living in US and Europe lectures us a lot on this. But when the same thing hurts them they call for restriction.
The statement issued by Mrs. Clinton is outrageous. She said:

Now, I would note that in today’s world with today’s technologies, that is impossible. But even if it were possible, our country does have a long tradition of free expression which is enshrined in our constitution and our law, and we do not stop individual citizens from expressing their views no matter how distasteful they may be.”
The Internet has enabled to read things happening in America and Europe and we know how much freedom they allow to their citizens.

Commentary: J&K ‘militant’ Wani was IB source in Nepal


The arrest of Mehrajuddin Wani alias Mehrajuddin Dand in Kishtwar and subsequent police claims that he was a backroom planner in the IC-814 hijack have left central agencies red-faced because this pashmina dealer was an Indian intelligence ‘asset’ in Nepal for at least five years

J&K ‘militant’ Wani was IB source in Nepal – Indian Express

This shows the attitude of the Indian officials. They could not believe his words because his religious affiliation. Otherwise, they would called New Delhi to verify his statement. We cannot bring peace in India unless we start trusting Muslims with open heart and mind.

Salman Khan joins Facebook

salman facebook

Salman Khan has joined Facebook too. He launched his page this morning and attracted more then 2.6 millions fans. He said that launched his page at the incessant requests of his fans. He said:

A lot of people told me ‘there are so many of (your) fake Facebook pages, so when are you joining it’. So here I am on this platform.

Hercules DJ Sets are very popular among DJs

Young people and family who visit restaurants for launch often make request to play their favorite songs. Restaurants and clubs often hire disc jockeys to play recorded music for them. Moderm DJ mixer systems have made their lives easier. These system enable them do their jobs without hassel.
Hercules DJ Sets are very popular among DJs. Systems like Hercules DJ Console 4-MX DJ Controller comes with 4 virtual desks and built-in audio interface.

Beautiful nurse watches is selling a wide range of nurse watches. The watches come in a variety of designs. The carries popular brands such as Nurse Mates, Timex, and Disney. I think they are beautiful watches.

The Nurse Mates Blue Heart Watch is a simple but beautiful watch. It has an easy-read dial and is water resistant.  Nurses who work in children’s hospitals can buy from the Disney range with the Mickey Mouse logo.

Lux-HQ Eggcrate Chair Pad is ideal for office chairs

Most people do not know how to select chair pads for their home and offices. In offices, we require special kind of chair pads because we use them for long period during our office hours.

Lux-HQ Eggcrate Chair Pad is specially designed for a people who remains seated for extended periods of time. This pad is designed in such a way that it reduces slippage. It allows free air flow, which keep pads cool.

People are suffering again in flood



We have been facing flood for many years, but it appears that our government does not make preparation for monsoon rains. When rain starts, they have to run for safe places by themselves. Aid is often not reached in time. Food is not provided to them. Last time, we witnessed food shortage in Badin District.

Legendary comedian Lehri passes away

Popular comedian Lehri passed away today. Today when my wife shared this news, I felt agrieved. I liked this man and his acting style, Familiies used to like his comedy because of diolouge delivery in 70s. He was 83 years old.

Apple launches iPhone 5

iphone 5bWell-known American company has introduced the new version of its popular iPhone smartphone. iPhon 5 is ligthter than its old models. The phone weighs only 112 grams. The good thing is that Apple has kept the 16 GB iPhone at $199. I think this is an attractive price and will attract young men and women.

The smartphone is light because Apple has used glass and aluminum to make the body. Apple has kept the ration between lenght and width of the screen at 19:9 like big tv screen. It featuers and 8 megapixel camera. Apple says it can take good pictures in low light too.