Beginning with the Apple Watch 8: our initial impressions of its new sensors

The Apple Watch 8 Ultra is designed for intense sports, while the Apple Watch SE is still the most cost-effective variant available. The brand’s flagship product continues to be the Apple Watch Series 8. This year’s update to the latter includes the inclusion of a temperature sensor. Following the conference, our colleagues from were able to contact it, and the following are their initial impressions.

The new Apple Watch 2022 range:

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Ultra

Series 8: temperature sensor and accident detection

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a new built-in temperature sensor. Every five seconds throughout the night, the watch takes the temperature of your wrist and logs it in the Apple Health app. There are two sensors, one on the back nearer to the skin and one underneath the display.

Temperature sensors also enable more accurate tracking of women’s health, such as estimations for ovulation and more accurate menstrual cycle forecasts. Car Crash Detection is another new security function included with the Apple Watch. If the watch senses an accident within 10 seconds, it alerts emergency services and contacts.

A new energy saving mode

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a new Low Power Mode that turns off functions like Always-On Display and Auto-Sensing. Other than that, the Apple Watch’s battery life is about the same, at 18 hours. The stainless steel and aluminium versions of the Series 8 maintain the same general size and shape.

To learn how much of a genuine influence these additions have on the entire experience, you’ll need to use the Watch Series 8 more. But based on what we can see, this is a fresh step toward making Apple’s connected watch a full-featured tool for wellbeing and health.

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