Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery


People are undergoing plastic surgery in large numbers because of advancement in surgical procedures and instruments and monitoring devices. This advancement has increased patient safety during surgery and in the recovery period.

If you are planning to improve your contour with a surgical procedure such as a Beverly Hills liposuction and California breast augmentation lift than I would recommend you to choose Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

In my opinion people should go to reputable and approved surgeon. We should understand that all surgeries carry risks. So patients should try to get all details from his surgeon. Otherwise plastic surgery procedure can make them scarred and deformed

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is a fully AAAHC accredited facility. This means facility maintain high standards for patient safety. It uses state of the art equipments. This makes your procedure faster, less invasive, and more comfortable. The staffs at the Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery are trained and qualified and they pay great attention to patients needs.

The facility is headed by and experienced and renowned surgeon Lloyd M. Krieger, MD. He has developed a unique technique of Beverly Hills liposuction , which minimizes potential problems. He removes unwanted fats from abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees in such a way it gives you tauter and lean look.

He is a board certified plastic surgeon and established a name because of plastic surgery practice efficiency and patient care. He is a graduate of Pritzker University of Chicago School of Medicine and has completed his residency in combined general surgery/plastic surgery at UCLA.

He has done a lot of research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to improve and refine procedures. His findings have been published in leading medical journals. His articles have also been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.