Can Black cardamom treat and prevent lung cancer?

Black cardamom or large cardamom is commonly used in the East, especially in the East, and now it has been found to contain a biological compound that can not only prevent lung cancer but also treat cancer.

Black cardamom treats cancer Munaeems Blog February 7 2023
Black cardamom prevents cancer Munaeems Blog

Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have said that black cardamom used in medicine and Ayurvedic medicine has long been used in the treatment of lungs. It has now found an important bioactive compound that not only prevents lung cancer but can also increase the duration of life in its patient.

Two NUS institutions have provided evidence that black cardamom can be very useful. It contains two main ingredients called cardamonin and alpinetin. Both of these ingredients have been tested alternately on lung, breast and liver cancer cells.

According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, the ingredients of black cardamom protect against lung cancer. Scientists say that its powder is commonly used in chest tightness, cough, TB and respiratory and throat diseases, while doctors also use it in cancer.

Experts made black cardamom seeds and tested it on breast, liver and lung cancer cells, it best prevented lung cancer cells from growing.

This is because compounds called cardamonin and alpinetin proved to be very important in black cardamom and they destroyed cancer cells very quickly.

It is expected that this important research will open a new path of natural treatment for the lungs.

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