Brain Eating Amoeba In Karachi

Naegleria Fowleri is free-meningitis causing Obama which penetrates into the nasal mucosa, passes ciribriform plate and into the brain through spinal fluid causing fever, headaches, stiff neck, stomach,vomiting leading to fatal conditions. Naegleria Fowleria has a fatality rate of more than 98 percent. It is transmitted when contaminated water enters the body through the nose but cannot be transmit from one person to person.The disease was first attacked Karachi, a city of 18 million people in 2006.The year’s outbreak has been the first since then and the most recent deaths occurred last week.Victims commonly catch it through swimming in the infected water, but it has been reported that the victims did not have a swimming history. So the causes are still obscure. The Government still has not started taking any preventive measures yet. They should start planning a campaign to raise awareness among health workers and public.