Vidrotil’s Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Tiles

Vidrotil is a Brazilian company that manufactures handcrafted glass mosaic tiles of the highest possible quality. Their handcrafted glass mosaic tiles are particularly popular in Brazil among prominent architects, designers, and consumers who place a high level of aesthetic importance on their purchases. These stunning tiles are now offered for purchase in the United States.

Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Tiles

Vidrotil is a company that has been producing handmade glass mosaics since 1947 in the city of Sao Paulo. Their mosaics have the style and heritage of Ravenna and Venice. Made to order is a creative method that originated to fulfil the requirements of artists who required high-performance materials for their artistic uses. Professionals from other fields became enamoured with the material due to its excellent quality and versatility, and they started specifying the product as a coating for civil construction as a result of this. Check out their designs.

They have chosen Tile Trade, LLC to serve as their distributor in the United States. You can take a look at their collections on the website The purpose of putting unique, high-end products on the market in the United States was the impetus for the development of this website.