Calling and messaging can be done without network in iPhone 13

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This is a symbolic file photo of the iPhone 13.

Apple is launching iPhone 13 series next month. However, before the launch there are many reports about the phone. One leaked report said that the iPhone 13 model could be offered with Low Earth Satellite Communication Mode (LEO) connectivity. This has been disclosed by Chi Kuo. With this feature in-built, calling and messaging can be done without 4G or 5G connectivity in the phone.

LEO satellite is satellite connectivity located in low earth orbit. It does not use tower connectivity. This keeps your phone directly connected to the satellite. However, it has a higher latency rate. This service is expensive as well as slow. However, companies are working fast in this direction. In this, the name of Elon Musk’s satellite Internet service Starlink appears.

According to a report by The Verge, Qualcomm’s customized X60 baseband chip can be used for Satellite connectivity in the iPhone 13. With the help of this, iPhone 13 users will be able to make messages and calls without 4G and 5G connectivity in the phone. At present, satellite connectivity facility is offered by an American based communication company, so that the upcoming iPhone 13 series smartphones can be connected. According to the report, the Satellite Communications Technology Service has been optimized by Apple.

Apart from Apple, satellite connectivity can be used by other smartphone companies. However, this is still very early stage. In such a situation, one should wait for the launch of Qualcomm’s X65 baseband chipset coming in the year 2022. However, it is being claimed that Apple may become the first smartphone brand to offer satellite connectivity. Qualcomm’s customized chip should be used by Apple.