Taliban closes Torkham border for ‘breach of promises

There was no immediate comment from the Foreign Office in Islamabad on the matter.

Afghan Taliban officials blocked a key trade and border crossing with Pakistan, accusing Islamabad of reneging on its promises.

The Afghan Taliban commissioner in Torkham said the border point had been closed for travel and transit trade.

In Torkham, Taliban Commissioner Maulvi Mohammad Siddique said in a statement issued on social networking site Twitter that Pakistan has not kept its promises, so the gateway has been closed on the instructions of the leadership.

He advised the people of Afghanistan to avoid traveling at the border crossing in eastern Nangarhar province.

The Afghan Taliban official did not say which of its commitments Islamabad had allegedly violated, with some unconfirmed media reports claiming that the Afghan Taliban were angry with the unannounced ban on the movement of Afghan patients seeking treatment in Pakistan.

There was no immediate comment from the Foreign Office in Islamabad

Afghanistan is bullying us. Pakistan and its people have always helped Afghans. Now they have turned their back against us.

I do not who is telling them to pick a fight with Pakistan. A country which has a powerful and professional army.

I wonder what our military establishment are doing. They must send a strong message to Afghan Government.

Thousands of Afghans living across Pakistan