Europe’s TERRIBLE Catastrophe: The Energy CRISIS In Europe Is Becoming A Nightmare!” on YouTube

Europe has been facing a disastrous energy crisis, with energy costs skyrocketing and threatening the stability of the entire continent.

Europe is at a crossroads, and its choices in the coming years will determine the continent’s energy future.And one of the main challenges is the high cost and limited natural gas supply, which is a crucial energy source for many European countries.

And experts believe these bottlenecks in regasification capacity have several impacts on Europe’s energy market.Now, Europe must invest in new infrastructure and modernize existing facilities to address the bottlenecks in regasification capacity.

EU will impose visa restrictions on Pakistan if illegal immigrants are not called back

The European Union (EU) has warned several countries, including Pakistan, that visa restrictions will be imposed on all countries if their illegal immigrants are not called back. According to European media reports, Sweden’s Minister of Migration said that EU interior ministers have agreed not to call back their illegal immigrants.


Restrictions on European visas will be imposed on countries. European Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen has sent a letter to the leaders of EU member states, mentioning illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria and many other countries. The letter was sent ahead of the Eu summit on February 9 and 10 to discuss the issue of illegal immigration.


EU member states could sign a pilot scheme in the first half of this year to speed up screening and asylum procedures for eligible migrants and ensure the immediate return of those who are not eligible. She added that she wants the EU to prepare a list of safe countries in the region and tighten border surveillance on routes to the Mediterranean and western Balkans that migrants use to travel to Europe.


The EU plans to sign migrant agreements with countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Nigeria to improve the repatriation process. Eu Internal Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson said there was a lot of pressure on many European countries because of the nearly one million asylum applications received last year.

First Big Move to Punish USA Causes Uproar Among American Energy Giants | EU Exxon Mobil

Europe’s First Big Move to Punish USA Causes Uproar Among American Energy Giants | EU Exxon Mobil

This year, American oil and gas firms were the winners in Russia’s battle in Ukraine. These titans amassed billions of dollars as a result of price increases and disruptions in the world’s supply chains. It was clear that governments wouldn’t permit this party to continue for very long if they didn’t receive a piece for themselves. The European Union started taxing energy corporations on their earnings with this goal in mind. And now, one such US-based corporation is suing the bloc over these new levies, bringing the bloc into their crosshairs. Washington’s involvement has only increased the likelihood of the much-discussed trade war between the US and the EU.