Social media and our responsibilities

The pace of human development in the 21st century has been staggering. Thanks to modern technology, distances of days and months can be determined in hours and minutes because of social media.

Earlier contacts were made through letters but now letters and messages are completed with the stroke of a finger. With the advent of the Internet, the world has narrowed the gap and now through the Internet we can talk to our loved ones through video calls through various applications.

The last fifty years are considered to be the heyday of technology. Our generation belongs to the age which has witnessed every epoch of modern technology and its constant ups and downs.

The teletext network was a teleprint network, similar to a telephone network, used to send text messages. In the post-World War II era, telecom was a major way of sending text messages for business purposes. The fax machine replaced it in the 1980s.

The journey from teleprinter to G5 is not very long, it only covers the last five decades. News agency news on teleprinters in newspapers and messages on telex, then the fax machine was the latest thing, but the 2G to 3G series has changed the world completely. Social media is a digital tool, a cheap and easy means of communication that allows users to create their own content and make it widely available to the public.

Social media has a wide range of websites and apps. Currently, there are numerous sites in the world through which social media or networking is possible. However, there are a few social media companies that have a special place in this regard, such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Pin Trust etc. It is almost impossible for Internet users to be unfamiliar with them.

Facebook is at the forefront of social networking. Its main purpose is to help you keep in touch with your friends. You can share your daily routine or special occasions with them as it has a large number of users. It’s fast and the news spreads very fast so you can advertise your business in it. Some basic features include text, photos, videos, tags, audio / video chat, group chat and more.

Although anyone can sign up for social media, the social media platform has become an important part of marketing any kind of business. The key to successful social media work is to use it with special care and attention.

Twitter is slightly different from Facebook because it has a message limit of about 165 characters and your social circle is not limited to friends but you can follow anyone. You can get your message across to people by including short messages, photos, animations and videos. But these days, Twitter is being used by our sub-news channels, politicians and celebrities. It has become an effective and popular means of communication.

You can follow any person to get updates on their messages and forward them via retweet. Twitter is considered to be the official source of news to some extent. Instagram is the fastest social network of photos and videos. Its popularity is due to its ease of use, provision of photo filters and easy sharing on other social networks.

According to a survey report, online business exposure directly from social media can increase revenue by 70 to 80 percent as a limited number of items can be presented through electronic and print media. But the product is introduced all over the world through social media. Advertising campaigns offered by Google have made a lot of money and promoted advertising.

The Internet is an era of revolution that has changed the global landscape of thinking and expression. According to the International Telecommunication Union, more than half of the world’s population uses the Internet at 56.1%. According to the Global Digital Report, the number of social media users in Pakistan is 37 million, which is about 18% of the total population.

There is a big difference in the rate of internet users in developed and developing countries. In developed countries, the rate of Internet users is 81%. More than 100 million people worldwide use social media, according to 2000 figures.

According to the Global Digital Report, about 21% of Pakistan’s population uses mobile internet. There are more than 150 million mobile subscriptions. From 2,018 to 2,019, mobile subscriptions increased by eight million.

How many people in the world are online? Do men and women use the internet and social media equally? The number of female internet users is about 250 million less than that of men. A large number of women are also increasing their sources of income through social media at home. Especially doing different business through Facebook pages and Instagram.

The federal government has approved rules and regulations to regulate Twitter, Facebook, TikTak, YouTube and other social media services. Pakistan’s cyber laws must be complied with, otherwise they will be blocked and A fine can also be imposed up to.

People with social media say that it does not seem possible for big companies like Facebook or YouTube to open their offices and staff here due to Pakistani law and it has also been observed that some time ago the government started using social media networks. The new rules are aimed at “controlling security agencies and national security, as well as material that spreads religious hatred.”

The happiest children are raised in the Netherlands

Many studies, including those conducted as part of the World Happiness Report, show that the happiest children are raised in the Netherlands. The secret of Dutch parenting is one habit that all parents practise on a regular basis. Papadag is a day when dad spends time with his children.

happiest children
According to many studies, Dutch children are the happiest in the world. Unsplash

Less time at work, more with children

Employers in the US don’t favour family-friendly programmes because to the work cult. In Poland, moms receive one year of unpaid maternity leave and can now work remotely if they care for children under 4 at home. Despite the government’s 500-plus nurseries’ effort to delight parents, there aren’t enough spots for youngsters in nurseries. Certain nations are substantially worse off, and mothers must return to work after 1-2 months of caring for a newborn at home.

Visitors are surprised by Dutch family life and child-friendly facilities. Rina Mae Acosta wrote about it for, saying she and her Dutch husband relocated there to establish a family. The Netherlands has been a top family destination for years. The Dutch only work 29 hours a week (on average), so they have a lot of time for family and themselves.

Father’s day

This implies parents can spend more time with their children and share parental obligations with their partner. Especially Dutch fathers, whose responsibility in raising children is growing. The Dutch are playing an increasingly prominent role in family life; partnership in parenting is natural, and no one is startled to see a father with a child at the doctor’s office or on paternity leave.

Not only parents, but even employers, who call on fathers with sick young children, favour a split of parental chores. In the Netherlands, working hours were decreased from 40 to 36 to 29 to battle unemployment. Along with this, 1 day of additional paid leave termed “papadag” was awarded. Because employed men utilise it to spend time with their children, and the number of fathers who do so is expanding.

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A five year old girl swallowed a flat dead battery

A young girl, age 5, swallowed a dead battery. She complained of chest pains and was sent to the emergency room. It came out that the esophagus and nearby aorta were “eaten” by the battery. Massive bleeding occurred. The girl’s nose and throat both lost blood. A thrilling race that went on all night started.

dead battery

For one little patient, we used up the entire stock of 0RhD- group red blood cell concentrate. Routine serological tests to measure the patient’s blood cannot be done in life-threatening situations. This blood group underwent transfusion. To refill supplies, we deployed ambulances from Krakow to Warsaw and Bydgoszcz. As morning drew near, I was aware that there would soon be further hospital orders for patients facing comparable hardships. If I squander everything, there won’t be any blood for them. These are not simple times.

The procedure lasted until the morning, 38 blood units were used. Unfortunately, the girl could not be saved.

Parents should take care of hazardous items in their homes and should throw away such items when they are dead or no longer required.

I admire and praise the people who came for blood donations on such a short notice for the kid.

Ground Source Heat Pump. How Can It Help Us In Winter?

Ground source heat pump – how does it work and does it pay off
The high price of the ground source heat pump itself, as well as the need to build a ground collector (lower energy source) make it one of the most expensive heating installations.

However, its undeniable advantages – maintenance-free, very low operating costs and the possibility of placing the pump almost anywhere in the house. It convinces many investors
A ground source heat pump is a fully automatic heating device that can be used to heat your home and produce domestic hot water, as well as to cool your home in summer.

Ground source heat pump
Source: Wiki

A well-selected ground source heat pump will work in this application without the need to invest in another heating device that would support it in winter at very low temperatures. The need to install an additional heating device would not only increase the cost of the heating system, but also necessitate the expansion and complexity of the installation.
Ground source heat pump draws energy from the ground, the temperature of which at a certain depth, even in winter during severe frosts, is constant and always positive.
The ground source heat pump is environmentally friendly – it uses renewable energy stored in the soil and does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere. A ground source heat pump can be installed in any house, new or modernized, especially where there is no access to a gas or heating network.

Although the investment in a ground source heat pump itself is expensive, the device provides cheap thermal energy. The best effect is to power the ground heat pump with electricity from a photovoltaic system. Why is the investment cost of a ground source heat pump high? Because it is necessary to perform the so-called the lower source, which may be a horizontal collector placed at a depth of 1.5 m.

Play and Children : learn a lot of skills While playing. 

What toys support development?

Play is the best way for children to learn and develop, and choosing the right toys can further aid in that process. There are a number of things that need to be considered in order for them to perform their function.

Play and children

Contrary to popular assumption, toys serve more than just amusement. Children of all ages can learn the talents they will require at a certain point of their life because of them. Young children’s motor skills benefit from carefully chosen interactive toys, while older ones foster imagination and increase awareness of the outside world. Playing while you learn is the most effective method because it is enjoyable and not a chore. Examples of toys that specifically aid a child’s growth are provided in the article.

Educational mat

Baby educational mats are really useful and versatile toys. They serve as a portable playground, giving kids the chance to actively improve their motor skills while also giving them the thrill of exploring new stimuli. Children develop their hand-eye coordination, head-lifting skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause-and-effect knowledge. There are many different kinds of mats available on the market with different components that aid in a baby’s growth, such as playing music boxes, secure mirrors, or rattles. Crawling is safe here as well.

Puzzles and jigsaws

Many puzzles and puzzles tailored to a child’s age can be found on store shelves. They may be pleasant for the whole family and a terrific source of entertainment for infants. The brain is well trained by puzzles, which also teach logical reasoning and analytical skills. They broaden the imagination as well. The child’s brain must access working memory to get information about colours and shapes in order to arrange the tiny pieces. The toddler’s manual skills are influenced by this activity as well. Children develop their motor abilities, perception, and patience when playing.

Interactive books

Interactive books with engaging components should be included in the toys designed for young children. The baby’s senses are stimulated by pictures, various textures, shapes, and textures, with a focus on touch and vision. The youngster must participate in interactive books by touching, moving, and opening windows. They emphasise that every activity has an impact, that perception is sharpened, and that cause-and-effect thinking is developed. Baby-friendly content is another important topic. You can find interactive books that depict diverse phenomena from daily life, such as housework, or the environment, such as with animals and the natural world.

Interactive toys

Interactive games and toys teach kids how to react to different stimuli. For instance, the toy may play, move, or light up if a young child hits a button. The toys can teach letters, numbers, shapes, and colours, depending on the model. They aid kids in associating particular noises with particular pursuits, things, or animals. These foster a child’s natural curiosity and impart fundamental knowledge about the outside world.

Construction set

The blocks help kids develop their grasping abilities as well as their manual and motor skills. Playing with matching various shapes and elements fosters both creativity and logical thought. To fit different age groups of children, parents can choose from a variety of bricks, including smaller, larger, plastic or wooden options. Blocks can be used in a variety of games. Additionally to constructing, larger sets of blocks let you play with other kids and can be used for counting or sorting activities. Participating in group activities helps the youngest develop their social skills and teaches them how to work together.

Rain water can cause cancer, research says

A recent study conducted by European experts has shown that the spread of hazardous chemicals used worldwide has increased the chances of dangerous diseases spreading on the ground and later getting these chemicals into rainwater which can cause cancer.

Rain water can cause cancer
The chemical also got mixed with rainwater and reached places that were protected from the chemical, experts – File Photo: AFP/Mumbai Rain

According to the British newspaper ‘The Independent’ , the research conducted by the experts of Stockholm University stated that the waste of dangerous chemicals all over the world has spread to the corners by joining the rainwater and people get cancer by drinking the rainwater. can become victims of dangerous diseases including

In this regard, it was reported that the waste of dangerous chemicals called ‘Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)’ is spreading diseases in the rain water.

The above mentioned chemicals are considered extremely dangerous and may take thousands of years to disappear.

These dangerous chemicals are also called Forever Chemicals .

Initially produced by a few companies in the 1950s, these chemicals are used in frying pans, foam, construction materials, and food packaging containers.

The above mentioned chemicals are not visible but due to adding them to things, their life span is increased along with making them stronger, but these chemicals are harmful to human health.

International organizations and forces have been trying for many years to ban these two chemicals and in the last few years there has been a significant reduction in the production of these chemicals, however these chemicals are still used worldwide and products made from such chemicals After being thrown on the ground as waste, these chemicals are being transferred to the rain water during the rain.

According to experts, the above mentioned chemicals can cause other diseases including cancer and respiratory diseases and the same was reported in earlier research in this regard.

Redmi K50i comes with improvements for gamers and 5G capability and more CPU power efficiency

An updated model of its well-liked “K” series of smartphones has been released by Redmi, a subsidiary of the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi.The Redmi K50i 5G from Xiaomi’s Redmi has been released with 5G capability in one country so far, but it will soon be available in other nations.

Redmi K50i  5G

The “K50i” from Xiaomi‘s Redmi has been released with 5G capability in one country so far, but it will soon be available in other nations.

MediaTek Dimensity 8100
The phone’s Dimensity 8100 chip powers the MIUI 13 and Android 12 operating systems that are both included.

The Dimensity 8100 improves gaming with up to 20% greater GPU frequency than the Dimensity 8000 and over 25% better CPU power-efficiency over our previous generation Dimensity chips thanks to its use of the TSMC N5 (5nm-class) fabrication process.

With an octa-core CPU that can run at up to 2.85GHz and the most recent Arm Mali-G610 MC6 graphics engine, users can enjoy smooth, high frame rate gaming in popular games while also saving up to 20% more power than competing options. This allows players to play for a longer period of time on battery power.

LiquidCool 2.0

The concept of heat dissipation underlies the liquid cooling system in smartphones. The heat pipe with the cooling liquid is already installed in the devices using this technology. This pipe absorbs the extra heat produced by the processor, which evaporates the liquid inside the pipe. The liquid condenses, which aids in heat transfer and progressively lowers the ambient temperature.

A 16-megapixel selfie camera with a hole punch is included in the “K50i,” which also has a 6.6-inch screen.

On the phone’s back, there are three cameras: a 64 megapixel primary camera, an 8 megapixel secondary camera, and a 2 megapixel macro camera.

The phone has a strong 5080mAh battery and a 67W charger, as well as a sturdy headphone port.

While the business improved the mobile’s camera technology, it also incorporated Dolby technology in the device’s twin speakers.

The company offers the phone in three distinct colors, with 6 and 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

The 6GB RAM module costs 73,000 Pakistani rupees, while the 8GB RAM module costs 82,000 rupees, according to the manufacturer.

Although the business initially exclusively introduced the phone in India, it will soon be available online at a few global retailers and in other regional nations, including Pakistan.

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Pelosi’s journey into the unknown: America risks unnecessary crisis with China

crisis with China

The US must support Taiwan’s democracy. Washington didn’t examine the costs and benefits of a symbolic trip to Taiwan.

Three types of political crises exist. Others smolder for years and are handed from state to state like a hot potato. Then there are the difficulties politicians cause via incompetence.

Third, there’s Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. The House speaker’s support for the democratic island republic under Chinese pressure is admirable. The Biden administration’s unclear information policy makes the approach seem sloppy. The US must choose between giving in to China or fueling the Taiwan crisis.

China rattles the saber

Unknown is Pelosi’s decision. The Democrat left for Asia with a congressional group without mentioning Taipei. China has issued unusually open threats of military harassment against the island. Hu Xijin stated in a party journal that China would fight the visit “steadfastly.”

Such saber-rattling shouldn’t terrify the West. Beijing can spread worry by placing interceptors in Taiwan’s airspace, but it’s unlikely to resort to an open act of war – shooting down Pelosi’s plane. The US can safely accompany congressmen to and from Taiwan.

How wise would a display of force be? Why are the Americans visiting? Washington hasn’t shown much consideration. Pelosi is America’s third-highest official. It would be the most prominent visit to Taiwan since 1997, when the House Speaker visited under different geostrategic circumstances. The US didn’t recognize Taiwan for decades and only sent low-ranking representatives to maintain contact.
Pelosi’s visit suggests the US wants to recognize Taiwan’s statehood. This contradicts China’s disappointing but eventually successful one-China policy. It states that Washington recognizes only the People’s Republic of China. The US opposes a violent unification of Taiwan and mainland China, but leaves open how far it will defend Taiwan.

All sides have benefited from this approach, including the island, which has become a prosperous democracy. American foreign policy shouldn’t be changed. If they do their part, they’ll have more credibility in claiming Beijing must maintain the status quo.

But with substance
This excursion is also symbolic. Helping Taiwan upgrade its defense would be more vital. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows the necessity of anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft systems, and precise artillery. The island republic’s gaps are awful. These can be shuttered to prevent a Chinese invasion.

Congress can aid Taiwan more by approving arms agreements than by shaking hands in Taipei, which is overshadowed by a self-inflicted crisis. Pelosi can avoid the latter by claiming illness or postponing her trip to Taiwan. It won’t be third in American politics then.

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Buy comfortable and durable garden chairs at an affordable price

We are more likely to spend time outdoors while the summer is in full swing. Home gardens and plots are transformed into retreats. It is challenging to relax without garden furniture. What type of outdoor furniture is best? Armchairs in the garden are simple. Check through greatest models of garden chairs and select the one that suits you.

Despite looks, there are many different types of garden seats. Their design, size, and material may vary. The ideal armchair will provide you with the rest comfort, practicality, and great aesthetics you desire in a seat.

Both rattan garden chairs and the extremely popular hardwood armchairs are options. Brazilian armchairs and hanging garden chairs are also excellent options for unwinding. The garden armchairs you intend to purchase should satisfy your needs, so carefully analyse your options before making a decision.

The idea of wooden armchairs is fantastic and incredibly timeless. Garden cushions are put on the chairs because they may not be very comfortable by themselves. An appealing garden chair like this typically has a high aesthetic value, comes in intriguing styles, and is reasonably priced. For balconies and terraces, an armchair constructed of natural materials would be a useful outdoor accessory.

Exotic wood, which is a little more weather resistant, can be used to make the garden armchair. Wooden garden chairs have a distinct aesthetic and exceptional utility. Wooden garden armchairs can be purchased in foldable versions, allowing them to double as deck seats.

Natural and synthetic rattan garden chairs are not only distinctive in terms of appearance, but also highly functional. You select elegant designs of rattan armchairs that will last you for many years. Rattan can be substituted with poly rattan, which is a fantastic option for any landscape. They are exceedingly resistant to outside influences and don’t need particular, proper care.

The poly-rattan furniture is constructed of plastic, so you may place the armchairs outside without worrying about their appearance or condition. The seats have soft cushions on them for added comfort. Consider how poly rattan garden chairs will blend in seamlessly with different garden types when making your selection.

Additionally quite popular are plastic garden seats. These chairs can have an adjustable backrest and can either fold out or not. Their affordable pricing is the primary factor in their popularity. They are not, however, as weather-resistant as the garden chair made of poly rattan.

The hanging garden chair rapidly became quite well-liked. Models of hanging garden chairs can be found in metal, polyrattan, or goods made of wood or plastic. The younger generation will undoubtedly like this unusual garden swing.

When selecting a hanging garden chair, consider whether it has a suitable frame or if another garden structure should be used to hang it. The armchairs are typically built of wood, plastic, or metal, and consumers typically choose the best type based on their personal tastes.

Wicker rocking chairs can be a fun alternative. The swaying chair will enable an interesting relaxation. When purchasing such models, pay close attention to the sturdy construction

the best backpack cooler in the market?

Are you looking for the best backpack cooler that money can buy?

the best backpack cooler

In order to provide a comprehensive review of each cooler backpack, I examined how well each one maintained the solidity of the ice inside, how easily they could be carried on our backs, how structurally sound each bag is, and whether or not the bag leaked. I also considered how easy it was to fill each one. After giving careful consideration to all of these aspects, it became abundantly evident that there was no competition. There is no other company but YETI that is capable of producing the best cooler backpack.

That’s correct—the YETI Hopper M20 Backpack is the best backpack cooler.

This is an interesting question because I had the exact same thought. Who on earth would ever give themselves the go-ahead to purchase a backpack cooler that costs $325? In contrast to what most people believe, the response is much simpler to offer. It is used to describe a person who appreciates the very best of everything.

I put nine of the best backpack coolers on the market through a battery of strenuous tests to determine which was the best. These tests included checking for leaks, monitoring the temperature at hourly intervals, and taking the bags into public. Our expectations for a backpack cooler were far surpassed by the YETI Hopper M20, which performed exceptionally well in each and every one of our tests.

When contrasted with the other backpack coolers that we put through their paces, the YETI Hopper M20 simply kept going, producing ice that was denser and less likely to melt quickly. Because of this, when we were testing the YETI Hopper M20, we decided to use it on a day when there was a lot of water in the lake to see whether this would make the process go more quickly and enable more rapid ice melting. This was completely not the case at all. Even while exposed to the sun, the Hopper M20 maintained its coolness for a longer period of time than the backpack coolers that were unwinding inside the bounds of our testing venue.

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