Could delta coronavirus make children more sick?

The Delta coronavirus can be as contagious in children as it is in adults. This was stated by Children’s Hospitals and medical experts from the United States.

According to data from the Children’s Hospital Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the spread of delta in the United States has also witnessed an increase  of covid in children.

According to the data collected between July 22 and 29, more than 71,000 covid cases were reported in children under the age of 18. One children was infected in every five reported cases. 

Doctors and nurses at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital said: “Over the past few weeks we’ve been very busy caring for sick children.

However, reports of the severity of the disease in children have been mixed.

According to U.S. state wise data, the hospitalization rate for children infected with the covid is  t same as reported during the previous outbreak. It was between  0.1 to 1.9 percent (the rate was dependent on cases in the states).

Angela Green, vice president of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, said that although there has been an increase in the total number of cases, the rate of hospital admissions from covid is the same as before.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this time around, it seems that the severity of the disease is less common in children than adult.

According to Dr. Nick Hashimt, medical director of Lee Bone Heuer Children’s Hospital in Memphis, in the past, children were usually diagnosed with covid during the treatment of another medical problem.

He said that routine tests during the treatment of any disease revealed uncomplicated disease without covid.

“But the situation has changed since the Delta, and in recent weeks we have seen covid in children and admitted them to the hospital, with respiratory symptoms and difficulty breathing,” he said.

He thinks there is something in the Delta that is different from the previous types.

But other medical experts can’t say for sure, and they say the increase in the number of cases from the delta could lead to an increase in the severity of the disease.

Dr. Christine Oliver, an expert at the Ashkenazi School of Medicine, says there is no data yet to show that the Delta type is more dangerous for children.

Earlier , in July 2021, the World Health Organization alsothis typecorona virus in issued a statement regarding the spread ofofchildren.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Delta type of coronavirus does not specifically target children.

Maria Van Kirkov, head of the World Health Organization’s technical team, told a news briefing on July 30 that the evidence so far shows that the first type of delta to appear in India spreads faster among people who are social and active.

“Let me be clear, we haven’t seen the Delta type specifically targeting children,” he said.

“There are indications that Corona types do not specifically target children, we have seen that these types target people who are very socially active,” said Maria Van Kirkov.

Many people who beat Covid-19 experience various symptoms for months, for which the term Long-Covid is used.

Many people who beat Covid-19 experience various symptoms for months. Medical experts use long Covid for such this condition. Now they have discovered a major cause of the long Covid.

It is estimated that one in 10 or one in 3 patients develop long covid after defeating the Covid-19.

It is not yet clear whether long-covid symptoms are directly the result of the virus or that stress and trauma in the body as a result of the disease are the causes.

Britain’s Imperial College London has discovered specific patterns of antibodies in long-covid patients that are not that is not seen in other patients or healthy people.

Researchers have called it auto antibodies that attack healthy body tissues instead of fighting diseases and the disease continues to persist.

Long-covid patients can experience multiple symptoms including severe fatigue, breathing difficulties, muscle pain and headache for months.

Researchers said it is difficult to say how many daily cases of long-covid  may emerge in the near future, but it is devastating for young people whose lives could be severly damaged.

After the discovery of this auto antibodies pattern, the researchers are working on to develop blood tests that can diagnose long-covid.

Professor Altman is working on the preparation of this blood test and he says that it is expected that in 6 months we will have a blood test that will allow ordinary doctors to diagnose long-covid.

For this purpose, blood samples of several covid patients and dozens of people who have been protected from the disease were collected.

For this purpose, blood samples were collected from patients with various covid patients and dozens of people who survived the disease.

Testing samples discovered auto antibodies in long-coud patients who were not in healthy people.

Examination of the samples revealed auto-antibodies in Long-covid patients which were not in healthy individuals.

Although antibodies act as an important defensive weapon to protect against diseases, the immune system often creates auto antibodies that accidentally attack healthy cells in the body.

Earlier, a team from Yale University discovered that some patients with Covid have antibodies that attack the organ, tissues and immune system.

Effectiveness of Sinovac and Pfizer-biontech was compared in Chile

A study conducted was conducted in Chile to compare the effectiveness of Sinovac and Pfizer-Biontech vaccines. The study proved that Sinovac is as effective as Pfizer-biontech in fighting against the coronavirus.

This is the first real-life study to compare the Chinese vaccine to Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

The study found that people who took two doses of Coronavac, developed by Synovac, get 66% protection against the vaccine while those who received Pfizer-Biontech vaccine get 93% protection.

More than 10 million people in Chile have been vaccinated with Coronavac and 500000 people have received Pfizer-Biontec vaccine doses. 

 Research published in the  New England Journal of Medicine found that Coronavac is  as effective in preventing hospital admissions and deaths due to Covid-19.

 The study was conducted from February to May 2021, when majority of cases of Corona’s Alpha variant and Gamma variant found in Brazil were reported in Chile. 

Preliminary data from the Chilean study was released in April, found that the use of Coronavac provides a 67% protection against Covid disease and an 80% reduction in mortality.

 Now the final results indicate that Corona is an effective shield against Wakecode 19.

 The researchers said the final results were consistent with preliminary data and that the vaccine provides significant protection against Covid-19.

 The final results showed that Coronavac provided 65.9% protection against the virus, prevented 87.8% affected people from hospitalization and 90.3%  ICU admissions. It prevented 86.3% deaths.

In comparison, the Pfizer vaccine is 92.6% effective in preventing the disease, while its efficacy in hospital admissions, IC admissions and death protection is 95.1%, 96.2% and 91%, respectively.

About 14 million Coronavac have been used in Chile since May 10, and more than 6.3 million people have been vaccinated so far.

 In comparison, 2.4 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been used.

 Funding for the study was provided by the Chilean National Research and Development Agency.

 It should be noted that this vaccine is also being used in Pakistan along with the Sinophar vaccine and it is being used mostly in young people.

 Pain and swelling at the injection site are the most common of the side effects that people who vaccinated with vaccine. In most people, the effect is mild and disappears within 2 days, while some people experienced fatigue, cholera and muscle weakness during the trials, but the rate was much lower.

More than one third of people who recovered from covid-19 are at risk for developing different symptoms for a long time – A study

A medical study conducted in Switzerland has revealed that four out ten of people recovered from covid-19 developed different symptoms which may last for months. 

The study included 410 people diagnosed with Covid-19, but the severity of the disease was not high enough to require hospitalization. 

39% of them reported various symptoms 7 to 9 months after defeating the disease. Most of them reported fatigue after recovery. 20.7% reported loss of smell and 11.7% reported difficulty in breathing. 10% recovered people reported headache after recovery.  

 Among these, fatigue was the most common symptom of long-cod, followed by 20.7%, followed by loss of sense of smell (16.8%), difficulty breathing (11.7%) and headache (10%).  Were the most symptomatic.

Researchers has found that women are more likely to develop these symptoms than.  They also notice these symptoms can develop in people of all ages, including young and healthy. 

 Research has found that women are more likely than men to have symptoms of long-term symptoms such as fatigue, breathing problems and pain.

 The study also found that long codes can affect people of all ages, including young and healthy people.

According to research, the severity of long-term symptoms is mild to moderate, but they can affect quality of life.

 Research has shown that people who were in good health before the covid-19. But their health was not good after defeating the disease.

 The results of the study were published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

 Earlier, in June 2021, a study by the University of Bergen in Norway found that young people who defeated Covid-19 were also at risk of developing long-term illness.

 The study included 312 Covid-19 patients between the ages of 16 and 30 with mild to severe disease condition.

 These people were infected with Covid-19 during the first wave of Corona in Norway. 247 people were treated at home and 65 were hospitalized.

 The study found that six months after the attack of the disease, symptoms persisted in 61% of people.

Most of these persons reported loss of smell or taste, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in concentrating and faced memory problems. 

Researchers noticed in their study that 50 percent of young over the age of 30 had symptoms even after six months.

 It was found during the study people who were isolated at home had higher levels of antibodies and continued symptoms like asthma, or chronic lung diseases. 

 The study found that 30 percent of patients at home with Covid-19 had developed symptom of fatigue.

 Researchers say that memory impairment and difficulty concentrating are alarming symptoms for young people studying in colleges or universities.

They stressed the need for the importance of vaccination to prevent the long-term adverse affect on health of victums of Covid-19.

Pfizer vaccine is 64% effective against Corona Type Delta

The Code 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer-Bio-Tech is one of the few effective vaccines in the world with an efficacy of over 90%.

However, the vaccine is not as effective against the new corona virus Delta.

This was revealed in a preliminary investigation conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The study compared the 95% efficacy of the vaccine against the early strains of the virus with the delta strain.

This type, which first appeared in India, has caused more than 90% of new cases in Israel in the last two weeks.

Data collected during the study in June indicated that people who took two doses of the Pfizer vaccine could get up to 64% protection against the Delta type.

However, research has shown that the vaccine is up to 93% effective in preventing the severity of the disease and hospitalization.

The researchers said that the Delta type is highly contagious, but the results indicate that the use of the vaccine helps to protect people from the seriousness of the covid and death.

Earlier, a May 2021 study by Public Health England found that Pfizer / Bio-N Tech and covid vaccine developed by the University of AstraZeneca / Oxford were highly effective against this new strain of corona virus.

In comparison, the astraZeneca vaccine has a 60% efficacy against Delta.

According to Public Health England, the possible reason for the difference in efficacy of the two vaccines is that the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is given at longer intervals than the Pfizer vaccine.

Simple habits that help keep the brain young at all ages

It would not be wrong to say that no matter how strong the body is, if it is mentally weak, it is not possible to move forward in the world or imagine a bright future.

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Surprisingly, people pay attention to physical health but neglect mental development.

In fact, the brain is a part of our body that is never slow to protect itself from the effects of aging. Or you can stay mentally young by adopting things.

If you think that the brain is so old that it cannot learn new things and that it is not possible to avoid brain degeneration, then know that brain nerve cells continue to form in this part which works to analyze memories and this process lasts for 90 years. Continues even after the age of.

According to a Canadian study, regularizing brain-strengthening habits on a daily basis helps to increase resistance to aging and disease.

Learn about some of the simple habits that prevent the brain from aging despite increasing physical age.

Be active

According to a study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open, people who walk 10,000 or more steps a day in middle age have on average 2.2 years younger than their peers. In addition, a 2018 study found that maintaining fitness with age also helps prevent depression in middle age or old age. This is because physical activity reduces inflammation and stimulates the release of chemicals that stimulate the development of brain cells and cerebral arteries. Physical activity also improves mental stress and sleep, which also helps keep the brain healthy.

Green vegetables

According to a study published in the medical journal Neurology, people who eat green vegetables at least once a day, those who eat them occasionally, are 11 years younger mentally. Researchers believe that lutein, an ingredient in spinach and greens, may be the cause. Earlier, another study found that lutein helps increase the rate of gray matter in the brain. Gray meter is related to memory. The more green vegetables you eat, your body will absorb more lutein. The lutein stored in the body will help your brain for a long time.

Brain test games

Newspaper crosswords or puzzles, chess or any kind of brain-stimulating game can reduce people’s mental age by up to 8 years, in fact the mental capacity of such people to solve problems Can be equal

Control blood pressure

You may be aware that high blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, but having high blood pressure in 40s, 50s or s60s can be devastating for the mind later in life. Can prove

Understand the importance of sleep

According to medical experts, if you want to maintain mental function with age, then make good sleep a priority. Medical research reports have shown that good and deep sleep is essential for the development of hormones that protect healthy brain processes such as memory and alertness from degradation. Our brain cleanses various harmful ingredients like amino acids, beta amyloid during sleep, if the quality of sleep is poor then this waste is not cleaned and it starts to accumulate. Beta amyloid is the most important factor causing Alzheimer’s

Avoid junk food

Filling your stomach with fast or junk food stimulates the immune cells in the brain, which can lead to low-grade inflammation, which is a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease. A 2015 study found that eating junk or processed foods reduced the volume of brain tissue and could lead to dementia or brain degeneration. If you have been eating fast food all your life, then adopting a healthy diet is enough to reduce the risk of mental retardation.

Good friends are good for the brain too

According to Harvard Medical School, emotional support stimulates specific parts of the brain to help create compounds or molecules that are essential for repairing brain cells as they make new connections. A 2017 study on social isolation found that it reduced levels of the compound and increased the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. According to researchers, as social connections decrease with age, it is important to strengthen the relationship with your friends.

Get in the habit of eating berries

Strawberries, blueberries, mulberries or any type of berry are good for mental health because of the presence of antioxidants that fight against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, a type of omega-3 fatty acid that protects the brain, lowers DHA levels. Eating a small amount of berries a few times a week helps maintain proper brain function by protecting DHA levels. Simply put, eating strawberries 3 or 4 times a week can reduce the risk of memory loss for up to two and a half years.


A study of meditators in their 50s found that their brains were on average seven and a half years younger than their peers. Even better, after the age of 50, with each passing year, the habit of meditation reduces mental age by 22 days a month.

Enjoy the fish

DHA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid, helps keep brain functions normal and functioning efficiently. These fatty acids are obtained from food when our bodies are unable to make them themselves. DHA is found in fish meat, especially in high-fat fish. One study found that eating fish once a week can help improve thinking ability and is also beneficial for people with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Avoid diabetes

People with pre-diabetes and diabetes experience a decline in long-term memory and problem-solving abilities. According to a study, if patients keep their blood sugar levels normal or people with pre-diabetes slow down the process of developing diabetes, their mental health will not be affected much.

Eat nuts

Walnuts are considered a brain food, especially walnuts contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, which enter the body and take the form of omega-3 DHA. The importance of DHA has been mentioned above which is very important for the protection of brain functions. Getting into the habit of eating walnuts also helps in quick decision making, mental flexibility and better memory. If you don’t like walnuts, people over the age of 55 can keep their mind sharp by eating 10 grams of almonds or peanut butter daily. Are

Reduce Stress

Stress is not a problem in itself, it depends on how our body reacts to it. A recent study found that those who react negatively to stressful situations are more affected by mental focus and mental health. Researchers have found that people who over-react to stress tend to perform poorly on mental tests.

Learn something new

A 2014 study found that people over the age of 60 should adopt mindful hobbies that improve memory and speed of analysis. Researchers believe that hobbies that burn creativity strengthen the brain’s defenses, while it is not necessary to wait until the age of 60 to learn something new, according to another study. Learning improves mental security.

Foods that are harmful to health?

Can You Identify Which Foods Are Harmful To Health? In fact, it is difficult for an average person to determine if they are healthy.

At present, it is very common all over the world to have a diet that is extremely harmful to health.

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According to the American Heart Association, the most unhealthy foods contain a lot of processed foods, such as fast food and snack food.

Highly processed foods are low in health benefits (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), while stomachs are full of harmful calories due to salt and sugar.

Processed foods can be chips, cookies, cakes, sweet cereals and other fast food items.

What makes food unhealthy?

According to the American Heart Association, cooking methods and the ingredients in them make a food unhealthy, such as salt, sugar and fats (saturated fats and trans fats) are important ingredients that are harmful to health. 

Association,avoiding salt and added sugar

According to the American Heart Association of salt and sugar foods are very bad, they increase the risk of other diseases, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

For good heart health, Not more than 1500 mg of salt and 6 teaspoons of sugar should be used

How to avoid a poor diet?

Think carefully about processed food choices.

Avoid high-salt foods, choose low-fat meats and never skip meals as doing so increases the appetite for sweet or salty foods.

Research from the University of Bonn in Germany has found that eating fast or junk food weakens the body’s immune system as if you were being attacked by a serious disease.

Research has shown that the habit of eating fast food often results in the cells of the body’s immune system becoming more aggressive over time, leading to an increased risk of serious diseases.

The researchers said that the results could explain the link between fast food and hardening of the arteries.

According to research, because fast food is rich in fat, sugar and salt, which has negative effects on health, such as diabetes, blood vessel diseases that can lead to heart attack and stroke, while the risk of bowel cancer, etc. is increased. Is.