Journey Lite surgeons are expert in doing weight loss surgery

Adjustable and reversible weight loss surgery is one kind of procedure that falls under the category of bariatric surgery. The Lap Band is a silicone band that is wrapped around the patient’s stomach as part of this procedure. Your stomach’s capacity is decreased, and the movement of food through your digestive tract is slowed, due … Read more

What Mistakes Can Slow Your Weight Loss Journey?

Even though many of us desire to lose weight and frequently look for ways to do so, only a small percentage of us actually experience success. Some people continue to lose weight even after months. while some people put on more weight instead of losing it. We struggle to understand what our bodies truly require … Read more

Can prawns help in weight loss?

We enjoy eating both fish and prawns when it comes to our seafood. Because of their flavor and nutrition, they are very well-liked. They also offer numerous health advantages. Prawns are low in calories and high in protein, which helps in weight loss. They also have omega-3 fatty acids, just like fish, which keep the … Read more

Buy the Weight loss pills that work

What kinds of weight loss pills are good ? Prescription weight loss drugs approved for long-term use (over 12 weeks) result in significant weight loss. The combination of weight loss medication and lifestyle modifications produces greater weight loss than lifestyle modifications alone. Over the course of a year, this can result in additional weight loss … Read more