A great GPU makes a great gaming PC

Gaming computers have become very hot in Karachi. Young game lovers are buying prebuilt gaming computers offered by different vendors in Karachi.  These gaming computers come in many shapes and sizes. 

Serious gamers prefer mid-towers because they are easily places on a desk. The good thing about them is they offer better cooling environment unlike small PCs used by gamers in homes.  Glass panels are very popular now. These glass panels also come with a variety of fancy color schemes. Thanks to Chinese companies they can be bought at a reasonable price. 

If you have money in your pocket you can go for midsize towers like the Acer Predator G1. It has intel Core i-7. It is a quad core (4 Core). Processor speed is 3.40 GHz and offers 64-bit processing. It will offer reasonable processing power.

You can also get a custom made with a powerful gaming computer using high quality Chinese parts at a reasonable price as computer to branded ones. 

There is no doubt a four-core chip offers reasonable processing power for running a number of software and games. I would recommend a AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X a six core chip will give your computer enough power to play games and run software like Adobe Premiere and AutoCAD.

AMD’s price spectrum is good and the company offers more cores and better multithreaded performance. As the technology is moving ahead with a quick pace.  Gamers can take advantage of AMD’s attractive prices and pack their gaming computer with more cores to enhance their gaming performance. 

Graphics cards, processors, RAM, and storage capacity play a vital parts of a gaming computer. Gamers should pay attention in selecting a good quality graphic cards for their computers.  They can buy made by AMD such as RX 570 or the Nvidia GTX 1650. These two entry level GPUs will give you decent performance and you will enjoy your games.  If you have more money in your pocket you can opt for Nvidia’s RTX 3080 and AMD’s 6800 XT are the best options. Expert gamers advise take into consideration games you will like to play on your computer before buying a gaming computer. 

Infinix Hot 10S

Infinix makes the best, reliable and robust smartphones. Their smartphones are very popular among young people in Pakistan, India and other parts of the world.

The company has launched a new smartphone on 22nd April 2021. The new smartphone Infinix Hot 10S has 6.82-inch touchscreen display. The smartphone offers a resolution of 720×1640 pixels. The

The company has used an octa-core MediaTek Helio G85 processor and the smartphone comes with 6GB of RAM and Android 11.

This new G85 processor offers better management of resources which results sustained performance. Game lovers will love the power offered by this new processor.

Smartphone users whose operator offers VoLTE/ViLTE services will get exceptional voice and video call quality. The new MediaTek Helio G85 also offer faster faster connection setup time and lower power consumption from either SIM connection.

The proprietary fast charging and a 6000mAh battery offers good performance to users.


The question is: Which smartphone one should buy?A smartphone with #IPSLCD produces realistic colors and viewing angles are better. A smartphone with AMOLED screen will display saturated colors.

Professional people who go outside their offices should buy smartphones with IPS LCD because they can see screen text and images when exposed to direct sunlight.People who love to watch movies and streaming services should buy smartphones with #AMOLED screens because they produce great images.

Tecno Spark 6

Tecno Spark 6 GoIt is good smartphone for an average man and woman who wants to have a cellphone to meet their communication requirement as well as little fun.

Spark 6 Go’s comes with a 1.8GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio A25 processor. I have used 1.8 GHz smartphones made by different manufacturers and they gave a reasonable speed to manage services and applications.I have been using outlook for exchange and my banking application with ease and speed. I would like to mention here that your smartphone’s service providers plays and important role in giving you speed to run your services and applications.

This smartphone comes with 4GB of RAM which gives you enough memory to run your apps with speed.Spark 6 Go’s the rear packs 13-megapixel + AI lens camera is enough to satisfy our photography passion. Selfie lovers will find 8-megapixel camera on the front for selfies which captures reasons pictures.

TECNO Spark 6 Go

TECNO Spark 6 Go is a good smartphone with impressive features. The maker has used components which give you reasonable speed and impressive images and videos at a reasonable prize.

The 1.8 Ghz Octa Core combined with MediaTek Helio A20 chipset give you fast speed for your internet connection and gaming.

An LTE radio with Cat-4 DL (150 Mbps download) and Cat-6 UL (50 Mbps upload) give you enough internet power for you needs like surfing, game playing and emails.

Itel’s Vision 2

Itel’s Vision 2 comes with SC9863 Octa-Core processor with Cortex-A55 cores. It will give a user combination of power efficiency and performance. The processor supports AI applications. It offers faster computing speeds. SC9863 is regarded as a highly integrated solution.

The 1.6GHz ARM Cortex-A55 cores x 8 configuration gives you enough processing power for common users needs. They can play 1080P HD video.

The LTE Cat7 modem with dual-card dual-VoLTE and VoWiFi functionality gives you reasonable internet speed

It comes with Triple Camera. AI cameras are simply cameras that use AI programs to wisely deal with images and videos. It means you get impressive pictures. 4000 mAh is enough for a common user’s needs image credit Itel Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy A32 4G

Samsung launched Galaxy A32 4G in February 2021. This model features a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen and 64MP camera at the back. The Octa-core configuration is (2×2.0 GHz Cortex-A75 & 6×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55). This configuration gives you enough processing power to run your smoothly.

The good thing about Super Amoled Screen is that it adapts to the lighting environment and does not put strain on your eyes. It offers stunning picture quality when you watch movies or play games.

Movie lovers and gamers will like Galaxy 32’s 6.4-inch display with an FHD (Full High Definition)+ resolution (2400 x 1080).

Galaxy A32 features 800 nits. This range of brightness helps you see texts or pictures well on a sunny day. You don’t have to find some shade to answer text.

Samsung has used GPU Mali-G52 MC2. It is considered a mid-range graphics card. It has a clock speed of 950 MHz. This graphic card is energy efficient. However, The chipset just isn’t good enough to power a 90Hz panel, and you will see a noticeable lag in normal use

The phone is available in a single configuration with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and a large 5000 mAh battery. Considering the large size of the battery , the 15W fast charging is not right for the Galaxy A32 4G.

Infinix Note 8

Infinix is one of the popular smartphone brands in India and Pakistan. The company offers powerful smartphones at a reason price for average mobile phone users.

Infinix Note 8 is one of their recent product which was launched in November, 2020.

This feature packed smartphone is an ideal smartphone for users who love to watch videos and surf the internet. The smartphone’s Li-Po 5200 mAh give you a lot of play time.

Its CPU is packed with Octa-core (2×2.0 GHz Cortex-A75 & 6×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55), which gives enough power to run different types of applications smoothly.It features High dynamic range (HDR) video. It means you can enjoy 4K TV feature in your videos.

Study in Australia

Violence and in Karachi has compelled my people to move to other countries.  Educated young men and women are immigrating to western countries, Australia, America and Canada in large numbers.  This month I got the news that my nephew Aamir has got Canadian immigrant visa. My wife told me about that a close relative is also moving to Australia.

Australia has become an ideal destination for young Pakistanis  because of the opportunities there. My son, who is also an engineer, is searching for information on these countries. He wants to go to there for education. A number of his teachers and close friends have studied in Australia. Some of them have settled down there after completing their education. He thinks they will be able to provide him accommodation during his stay in Australia.

One day he asked me about how to find hotel deals in Australia. I told him about a popular travel website where he can find information about australia hotels. He used the tools offered by the website to find hotels. He liked the way information was presented to him by the site’s search tool. It offered him complete details about hotels and presented him the option to book a hotel using a secure reservation service.

One can also book flights and hire cars  using this travel website. I would like to tell my blog readers about its section ‘Visa Assistance’. This section helps travelers find information about embassies/consulates and other information such as visa fees and processing times. One can create an account on the website to know about  new offers.