Taliban using FaceBook to spy on American and NATO soldiers in Afghanistan

Talibans are against entertainment and they have issued Fatwa against people who use Facebook and Twitter. They have labelled it ‘Haram’ to spend time on social media. Now the same Taliban are using the social media for its benefits. Reports they are using Facebook to spy on American and NATO personnels .
Taliban has developed a new strategy. Their educated acitivitsts have interacting with people posing as beautify young men and women and trying to extract information from people who use social media websites to interact with their friends from Afghanistan. This information was disclosed by Autralian Government in a report.
The Taliban say the wrong use of entertainment is changing now. The terrorist organization, according to a new report using social networking site is for your benefit. Especially for the use of Facebook is spying on NATO and U.S. troops.
This is how
Indeed, the Taliban have created a new strategy. Attractive young women to educate her on Facebook disguises terrorist espionage operations are carried out. Placing the form of beautiful young women friends with NATO troops are terrorists. His military campaign in Afghanistan is to gather confidential information regarding their activities. An Australian government report has revealed.
Order troops
Soldiers have been told to be careful of fake Facebook profile. Taliban militants have reported how their profile photo on Facebook made pictures of attractive women and men befriended.
Bets may not reverse
NATO has prepared to deal with this threat. In addition to Facebook and other social websites for doubtful accounts has been monitoring and reporting.