Don’t Make These 8 Critical Mistakes on Long Flights on YouTube

What does “short-haul,” “medium-haul,” and “long-haul” mean in aviation terms?

A flight that lasts up to three hours is considered short-haul. Medium-distance trips last 3–6 hours. An ultra-long-haul flight spends more than 12 hours in the air, while a long-haul flight lasts between 6 and 12 hours.

Long-haul flight tips SURVIVAL GUIDE: Proven strategies for an easy-peasy flight (even in economy)” on YouTube

The vloger has given very important tips for travel.

After watching his video I know understand why people and their kids fell I’ll when they reach their destination.

I was also thinking about using using lounges at the airports and enjoy free meals and snacks offered by them.

People must take light meal before boarding their flight. They must avoid spicy and salty food as this will make them bloat during the long flights.

Now I realize how important is for travelers to remain hydrated during flights.

Istanbul Airport Transit | International Transit Guide for Pakistnis| Explore with Farukh” on YouTube

This vlog is for Pakistnis who will travel to Europe via Istanbul Airport.Farukh has explained things in simple way. His tips will enable travelers to spend their time at the airport in a decent way and enjoy their time during airport transit.

I found his vlog during my search of the YouTube. I was looking for information on Istanbul airport. How to spend my 5 hours at the airport.

I recommend this video.