Chinese action is raising tension in the region.

The Times of India reported:

After the recent quiet over territorial issues, New Delhi and Beijing are back to bitter one-upmanship which started with China’s newly launched e-passports showing Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin in J&K as parts of China.

India has responded by not just registering a strong protest with China but by also imprinting its own map on visas that are issued to Chinese nationals.

The watermark on China’s e-passports depicting its map is not specific to India and has ended up offending most of its neighbours by showing disputed islands in the South China Sea as Chinese territory. Vietnam and the Philippines have officially let their displeasure known to Beijing.

China should not do this. I fail to understand why Chinese government wants to destroy relations, which has gradually improved. If relations strains China will loose a lot business from India.

People who are familiar with the history of the area called ‘Arunachal Pradesh’ knows that border problem started during when British were were. India and China has fought a war because of this issue.