Chrome: Password manager should be significantly better

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  • The password manager in Chrome should soon be able to do more.
  • Google makes it much more flexible to use.

Google has had a password manager integrated into the Chrome browser for a while, which is also fundamentally related to Google Passwords . In it you save access to websites and apps. So far, however, you can only save passwords when you access them, and you can also view, delete and change them later. Other functions that have already appeared will probably be added in the near future.

The innovation for the password manager allows something more for the editor. On the one hand, important notes can be added to saved passwords. You can also add a new password manually at any time. That, in particular, could be exciting because the saving of passwords has so far always been tied to an actual login process.

via Android Police

Let’s see when Google integrates and announces these innovations in the Chrome browser.