Chromium 6 found in groundwater at Tata Steel

Chromium 6 was detected in Tata Steel’s groundwater. North Sea Canal Area Environmental Agency announced this Friday. It is a chemical that causes cancer.


The regulator has ordered Tata Steel to investigate the source and extent of the contamination. According to the GGD, the chemical is underground and no drinking water is extracted. No Chromium 6 exposure is possible.

The regulator wants Tata Steel to analyse the ‘ecological area’ and rule out the potential that the poisonous, carcinogenic chemical spread via groundwater.

Tata Steel’s pollution and health problems have been criticised for years. Locals monitor pollution and incidents. Concerned Kennemerland locals put up the Frisse Wind foundation and installed a webcam that films the steel manufacturer’s location.

Images last weekend showed massive smoke at Kooksfabriek 2. Tata Steel later stated that there had been ‘a little fire’ and’short-term smoke’ Clouds rolled in. Sanne Walvisch of Frisse Wind said the smoke was massive. This was one of 425 webcam occurrences since March 15 this year. Tata first reported the fire afterward.’

Tata reported the fire to the Environment Agency, which is investigating. We’ll send them a warning letter if they don’t improve their reports. Tata Steel said the soot-filled fire and smoke cloud did not damage the factory.

Tata Steel’s dirty and ageing mill where the fire broke out. Kooksfabriek 2 is contentious since it doesn’t match European requirements. This newspaper has reported that the factory can generate more nitrogen oxide and dust than European standards. The Environmental Agency supervisor issued these additional conditions in an amended permit.

The renewed permit updated 2007 regulations to cut emissions. The corporation can’t fulfil European requirements because of its old factories. Europe will then adopt wider norms. Tata Steel is ‘not required’ to install new facilities, according to the regulator. The regulator stated there’s no legal basis to require Tata Steel to update its facilities. Tata Steel can continue functioning with old and polluting equipment.