Compare your health insurance policies

US Insurance Online has launched its new website. They have added new articles and tips to educate families about the benefits of individual health insurance for long-term care.

They have simplified the site so that users can find content easily. You can get no-obligation quotes from 200 hundred companies. They have provided tips to check the financial health of your provider.

Why the United States’ health care expenses are rising faster than those of any other country?

The U.S. has the highest health-care spending growth rate. Over 40% of global health spending is in the US.

In 1960, health care spending was 5% of GDP. In 2020, spending reached 19% of GDP.

Cynthia Cox, vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, says health-care prices outstrip inflation and rise faster than the economy. “That’s why its part of the economy is growing.”

Americans don’t use more health care than others who pay less. Americans pay more per interaction. More over half of 2019 health-care spending went to hospitals, doctors, and clinical care.

Fragmented U.S. system creates excessive spending. Others have little to no health insurance coverage.

The existing system, according to Yaseen Hayajneh, associate professor of health administration at Western Connecticut State University, is focused on treatment rather than prevention.

Dr. Tyeese Gaines, an emergency medicine doctor who previously managed her own practise, remarked, “Preventing diseases from getting worse always costs less.”

Most Americans have few insurance plan options. 54% have employer-provided health insurance. This limits competition, which raises prices.

Hayajneh told CNBC that a free market makes capitalism operate. The health care market isn’t free.

We all know that healthcare cost is increasing day by day in the U.S. The new website will help users to compare efficiently.