Coriander seeds are useful for preventing heart disease

Coriander seeds reduce the level of cholesterol in the body as well as the risk of heart disease.

Cholesterol is one of the biggest health problems facing people globally. About 4.4 million deaths occur worldwide every year due to cholesterol, now a new study has shown that coriander seeds have proved to be beneficial for cholesterol removal and heart.

Coriander seeds reduce the level of cholesterol and heart disease

High cholesterol means an excess of blood fat. If not dealt with, it can lead to heart disease and stroke by closing the arteries.

Excess cholesterol is usually caused by fat-rich diet, insufficient exercise, and being overweight and smoking. A person may also experience this condition genetically, however, according to several studies, there is an herb that has the potential to improve health.

Researchers have found in the research that coriander seeds reduce the level of cholesterol in the body as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Coriander seeds can reduce harmful cholesterol and fat, according to a research paper by a team from Sri Ramachandra University in India.

The paper said that when the animals were fed coriander seeds in the experiment, the level of cholesterol and fat present in their tissues decreased markedly.

The paper also reported that along with the reduction of harmful cholesterol in animals, an increase in useful cholesterol was also observed.

According to a report published in Ethnopharmacology  in 2009 , coriander seeds  can also be effective in reducing blood pressure. High blood pressure can also cause problems for heart health.