Credit Heaven: A premier credit repair firm

crditheaven Credit Heaven is a good credit repair and debt settlement firm. They offer credit repair service to lower rates on existing credit cards, auto loans and mortgages. Their success rate is very high. The reason behind their success is that they understand credit repair laws, Acts and rules governing the credit reporting agencies.

The company provides specialized services to its clients.

Credit Heaven’s credit services can help individuals to qualify for new car loans, new mortgages, adopt a new baby, and meet their personal and family’s credit needs.

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  1. So there are basically three options for credit repair from what I understand. Spend easily on hundred hours reading and researching online then attempting to put it into action (Minimum wage would be about $900), Buy a book that “knows it all” then put it into action (about $600 for a book and another 25 hours of work for a total of $825), or just pay someone a flat rate to do it all with a 100% money back guarentee. In other words, if they can’t do it, you don’t pay it. Costs about $6-800 depending on who you go to. The best guarentee site i found was – you can really use anyone, just pay attention to their money back guarentee and you’re fine. Just my two cents.

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