Damaged caused by having a wallet in the back pocket of pants

Photo by Emil Kalibradov: pexels.com

The majority of men carry their wallets in their back pockets, yet this practice can have substantial health consequences.

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In contemporary society, many men wear pants shirts, and those who carry wallets can only put them in the back pocket of their pants, so if you’re used to carrying a bulky wallet in your back pocket, use caution. Therefore, this behaviour may cause you to experience chronic back discomfort in the future.

According to experts, this illness is known as “vault sciatica” in everyday speech, and males are more prone to it than women are, especially those who travel for extended periods of time while carrying a vault in the back pocket of their pants. Throughout the travel, this exerts pressure on their back nerves.
Due to the strain on the nerves caused by this habit, people who have it may experience significant back pain as well as severe agony in their ankles and lower legs.

Back discomfort is becoming more common due to lifestyle changes, but if you also have a wallet in your pants pocket, you can take precautions by taking it out before sitting down to lower your risk of getting the condition.

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