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Studies show that Britain’s credit card culture has made millions of people debtors. It is said that their debt on loans and credit cards exceeds the entire of British economy. Statistics show that personal insolvencies are increasing day by day. PricewaterhouseCoopers poll says that one in six U.K. consumers say they can’t handle their debts. It is said they are approaching Debt-counseling centers in large numbers. If you are one of these indented consumers, I recommend you to consult The y can you manage and clear your debt in five years or less.

Clear Debt’s management solution has helped thousands of people in England and Wales to get out of the clutches of debts and live anxiety free lives. Their debt management program cuts down your interest rates and bind your creditors legally not to harass you. This process is called IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). A licensed insolvency practitioner and chartered accountant oversee whole process.
When you enroll in their IVA program, they assign a manager to supervise your debt management process and negotiate with creditors.

I recommend you to visit their website and read the information given there. It will help understand your is a member of