Did Imran Khan plead with the army chief again for the support ?

What was the outcome of the meeting between Imran Khan and the army chief at the Aiwan-e-Sadr? All of these questions and related information were buried in my chest for a long time, but I didn’t go in the direction that I should not contribute to the crime of not paying attention to flood victims because I did not want to take part in it. Did Imran plead with the army chief for support?

plead with the army chief

Imran Khan’s spokesman and supporting media leaked the news of a secret meeting in the Presidency, and then gave the impression that he was then adopted by the establishment. Then spread another false news that the Army Chief met Imran Niazi in a safe house in a corps commander’s car. Even after doing all this, he again took a U-turn and took the name of DG ISPR in public meetings and started showing eyes to the army.

I have been forced to bring out the facts in this regard, that hardly a day has passed since he was expelled from the government when Niazi Sahib or any of his representatives did not plead with the Army Chief or DG ISI from some channel or the other. Their demand was that they adopt them like in the past, and leave the current government and hold elections again. Then they were ready to do everything.

During these contacts, he also offered an extension with guarantee to General Qamar Javed Bajwa, but he refused to meet, insisting on remaining neutral. Neither the chief’s relatives, nor the former army officers, nor his personal friends were spared. The former US representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad also requested the army chief to hold a meeting with Imran Niazi. It should be noted that Zalmay, a member of the US New Cans, came to Pakistan a month after the change of government and had a secret and lengthy meeting with Niazi Sahib.

Arif Alvi visited the army chief’s house and persuaded him to meet his leader Imran Niazi at his house i.e. Aiwan-e-Sadr. General Qamar Javed Bajwa was very disappointed and sad about this and informed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and went to the Presidency for this meeting. Apart from this, Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi was also engaged in persuasion day and night, but the Army Chief was still not ready to meet.

Imran Niazi asked him to dissolve the current government, by separating the MQM and Baap Party from the coalition , and hold elections right away. He was told in response that since the army has already made the mistake of supporting the PTI in an unconstitutional manner, it could not do so again. He was informed that if he had been in charge, the nation would have defaulted by June and that his fabrication of an American conspiracy had irreparably damaged the nation..

Imran Niazi insisted and Arif Alvi kept on pleading with the military top brass to grant him an early general election. He was told that despite forgetting all his favors and trying to divide the army, the military leadership did not want enmity with him. The army did not want him to treat Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif. The reason given for this is that the current setup has saved Pakistan from bankruptcy temporarily by dealing with the IMF, but this does not mean economic stability has come.

The dollar and inflation are still not under control. Every day, the army and the government make efforts to manage a few billion rupees and run the country’s management, while the floods has increased our woes. However, if the coalition parties have a problem with each other and the government itself is broken, or if after economic stability, the political parties unanimously hold early elections, then the army will not be an obstacle or interfere.

They were also told that they still have governments in two provinces were advised that it would be better if they went back to parliament and found a way out of the economic crisis and new elections through reconciliation.

If he is becoming popular, the army will not block his path. And if he wins the next election, the army will remain indifferent, just as it remained indifferent in the Punjab by-elections. Thus, the meeting ended without any result.

Perhaps even after that, the tension would have subsided, but Imran Khan first leaked the news of this meeting. Then he gave a false impression about it, as if this meeting was the desire or compulsion of the army. Then, for some time, he cleverly gave the false impression that he had a deal with the army again. This led them to try to confuse the government and the military.

Then he spread the false news of another secret meeting through General Faiz Hameed and obviously all the institutions were affected by this news, but when he realized that there could not be any new elections before November and, in any case, his desire to appoint a new army chief of his choice could not be fulfilled, he again came down to blackmailing.

In the core committee, he reprimanded his people who were in touch with the establishment and banned them from speaking in the future. Although among them, Parvez Khattak also had to listen to someone who used to be Imran Khan’s representative.

Then he tried to look bold again in the Chakwal rally and lashed at the army and ISI . Although this time there was no response from the ISPR to his threats, to my knowledge, the wave of anger that has now swept through the ranks of the army is unprecedented. Now it is to be seen how the army reacts and how far Imran Khan takes this further.

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