Discover the reason for motion sickness. what to do to get better?

Here are motion sickness hypotheses and remedies.

Some people can read their phones while moving. Motion sickness causes nausea for many travelers (actually, often only on some means of transport). Motion sickness causes? Two new possibilities are intriguing. They provide improvement recommendations.

Motion sickness, causes and remedies

Car sickness is poorly understood. Why do some have it and others don’t? Why does a person feel horrible in a car but not on a train (or other vehicle)? Unanswered queries. The scientists investigated motion sickness and found two causes.

Sensory conflict theory blames our balance system for motion sickness. The vestibular system in the ear delivers distinct impulses to the brain than the eyes. Mismatched information may produce dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Another idea implies bodily participation. Inability to control posture based on sensory input causes motion sickness. There is no one trigger causing motion sickness, according to current knowledge. But there are ways to improve.

First, we may prepare by eating something dry (like crackers) and staying hydrated. During the trip, we may enjoy the scenery and put our phones aside. We stop often and ventilate thoroughly. Avoid smoking and strong scents. If motion sickness ruins our trip, we may get cures at the drugstore.