Do you also make these mistakes when applying mascara?

Whether it’s a feast or a wedding ceremony, women’s preparation is incomplete without makeup, that’s why makeup is playing an important role in making women beautiful in today’s times. This includes mascara. No matter how much makeup is done on the face, if mascara is not applied on the eyelashes, then this preparation is not complete. Applying mascara makes the eyelashes look thick and beautiful thus enhancing the beauty of the eyes.

applying mascara

It has been observed that most women make a few mistakes in using mascara which can cause harm to them in the future. These errors are being reported here.

Do not use old mascara

Many women are using old mascara that has deteriorated so it gets stuck on the lashes making the lashes weak and brittle. 

Curl lashes before applying mascara

If the eyelashes are bent downwards, it will make you look older than your age, so always curl the eyelashes with a tool before applying mascara, then apply mascara. 

Be sure to remove the mascara before going to bed

A large number of women clean off the makeup but forget to remove the mascara and it can affect the skin of the eyelids and eyes due to staying on the eyelids overnight, thus dark circles and wrinkles may appear around the eyes. Try to wash off the mascara thoroughly before going to bed.