doTERRA Pure Essential Oils for skin are very effective

Oils are very important for our bodies. Essential oils made by doTERRA are very popular.

DoTerra’s name is derived from the Latin phrase “gift of the Earth.”

Essential Oils are good for skin,

DoTERRA, a company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, manufactures and distributes essential oils via more than a million independent distributors—known as Wellness Advocates—around the world. The company also sells products infused with its oils, such as personal care and spa items, dietary supplements, and goods for healthy living, in addition to its oils, which are used by both consumers and healthcare professionals. It has 1,650 employees.

Essential oils are distilled from plant parts and packaged to be marketed as essential oils. Essential oils are natural fragrant molecules found in plants. These oils are offered as standalone items or as mixtures with other oils for use in cosmetics, household cleaners, and other products.

DoTerra has developed a testing procedure called CPTG that makes sure the essential oils they sell are devoid of fillers, dangerous pollutants, and other artificial additives. By clicking the link below, you can read more about this procedure.